Subject: i95cl: Wallpapers load fine, ringtones don't :(
Where's the dialtone
heh.. answered my own questions

I downloaded "GNMIDFMT." turns out the file wasn't type 0, it was type 1
can't believe I didn't think of checking that first lol

ah well, for those of you who have midi's and don't know if they are 
type 0, i'd suggest getting GNMIDFMT

good program, and simple
Subject: TIP: Making Ringtones work on a Smartphone
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.smartphone
I noticed some of you were having trouble making ring tones work. Thanks to
a post by Neil Enns, he mentioned that only Type 0, non-polymorphic, files
work on the Smartphone.

I found a program called GNMIDFMT which can convert Midi files
between Type 0, 1, and 2. Works great in making Midi files play properly on
the Smartphone. So far, I *believe* polymorphic files have been playing
back properly too (not sure if there are actually multiple instruments

You can download GNMIDFMT demo at
Subject: Re: i95 ringtones...
Newsgroup: alt.cellular.nextel
>> Now that I can upload new wallpapers and ringtones to my i95, I've been
>> trying to make my own.  I can do wallpapers just fine, but having trouble
>> with the ringtones.  I can find plenty of midi files to download but the
>> phone doesn't seem to like them.  I keep getting "The type of file you are
>> loading is not supported in this phone." when using the iIJAL 6 program. I
>> can upload the 'pre-made' ringtones and they all work fine.  What do I need
>> to do with the regular midi files to use them?

> do a search for a program called GNMIDFMT it lets you set the ringtones
> to format 0

Good program. You can get any ringtone and convert it to work with
web page:

MRS Pattern Editor

9. Importing Midifiles into the Pattern Editor. The Pattern Editor imports 
single-track (Type 0) midifiles. If the midifile has more than one 
track, then you will need to convert it to single-track with the 
appropriate software. A good midi-converter is GNMIDFMT which 
interconverts files of midi formats 0,1 and 2 (available from