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Subject: Re: Volume of midis when playing live
> Does anyone know a way of taking a whole bunch of midi files and
> getting the volume about the same. The files I have are all different
> volumes and it is a real pain when playing live to keep adjusting the
> levels on the PA. (I play solo so it is even harder :P) Any tips would
> be appreciated. BTW I use a roland sound canvas and I have cakewalk 7
> if this helps. Thanks again

I had exactly the same problem as you and found the perfect answer with an
amazing software (shareware) called GNMIDI. I bought it above all for this
purpose, but it does loads of other things and only costs $30. Take a look
at their site where you can download a demo version:

The programmer is Austrian, very serious and replies rapidly to any queries.
From: registered user
Subject: Thank You
You are a genius!!!
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
Works great, thank you, and thank you for a very nice program.
web page:
Subject:  FAQ to piano rolls 

What kind of software do I need to edit these MIDI files?

    You would use Sequencer Software or a utility program like GNMIDI.

Why won’t the keys on my piano play a file I downloaded from the Internet?

    The piano keys play data found on Channel 1 in MIDI files, and maybe
    none of the music on the file is assigned to Channel 1. If music is
    coming thru the speakers, a simple program change will fix this. Use
    Sequencer software to edit the file, or when using GNMIDI select
    "prepare sound program for PianoDisc" from the Modify menu even if
    you have a QRS or Disklavier system. A good setting on the
    Disklavier for playing MIDI format 0 files is to set L=01 and R=Prg.
    See Owner’s Manual under Import Files.

About My Piano

Is there a way to make my piano play more quietly?

    Yes. It is possible to lower the volume through software
    manipulation of the MIDI file. See the section Editing MIDI Files in
    the Music Files <> section.
    The three utilities that have been most successful are GNMIDI,
    veloset, MidiMod2 and the Giebler software. There are also acoustic
    solutions such as foam baffles installed next to the soundboard. On
    MarkIII Disklaviers, the Silent System can be engaged and the volume
    of the tone generated piano sound can be infinitely adjusted. See
    Volume Control in the Editing MIDI Files section of the Music Files
    <Music%20files.htm> page.

I want to sing a song I have a MIDI file for, but the arrangement is 
too high/low for my voice. Is there a way to change the key?

    You can transpose any MIDI file up or down using a program like
    GNMIDI, or any MIDI sequencing software. You can also use the
    Transpose function on your piano.

From: registered user
Subject: Many thanks...
I have been using "GNMIDI" for 2 years now,
and have found the program to be the most useful one
for editing and converting midi & kar files.
So, I would just like to say "thank you, and happy easter"..
Please continue all your good work, best wishes,

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