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Subject: Re: PC Software for midi data storage
>> Now that I'm using Win XP, instead of Wind 98, I need something for my
>> pc to store midi data from an Alesis MMT8.
>> I was using a program called Freeloader, but I get an error message
>> when using with Windows XP.
>> Any software ideas?

> GNMIDI  sysex transfer operation

Very Impressive looking software.
$30 is a little steep for me right now, but
I'll keep this on the back burner.
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: new registered user
Great program! - You must be very proud.
Thank you
Subject: GNMIDI
From: finally registered user
Hello Sir.
   Many thanks for your prompt email containing my registration information. 
I have downloaded the Demo version of your software on three seperate 
occations but never got round to registering it. May I complement you on such a superb 
collection of utilities, anything that cannot now be done with a midi file is 
surely not worth doing !
Many thanks
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration ...
Outstanding service.

Thank you.
web page:

Synchronizing animation with MIDI audio

You cannot expect any MIDI file to be suitable to synchronize with any 
animation. It may sound obvious (I hope it does), but both music and 
animation attempt to convey a feeling; light or heavy, funny or 
serious,... If the animation and the music do not match, you'd better 
play one without the other. Personally, after selecting an animation 
sequence and a music sequence that go together, I often feel the need to 
"massage" both the animation and the music (but especially the 
animation). Most of the changes that I want to make in a MIDI file is to 
add or remove tempo changes, add volume changes, insert or remove 
silence in the beginning of the file, and insert cue points in the 
marker channel (more on this below). While there are many splendid 
sequencers around, the only tools that I could find and that gave me the 
control that I wanted are the MIDI tools by GŁnter Nagler

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