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From: demo user
Subject: My toughts about GNMidi
Thanks for creating such a cool tool. I use it to cut pieces of a
large midi to make my free ringtones. I am willing to register it... I
wish I had the money... But hey! I'll register it asap. It really rocks!
Subject: Can midi tones adjust louder?
>>>I have an Sonyericsson T610, and I was wondering if there was such a
>>>feature as to adjust the ringer (other than the default max settings)?

>> If you are loading new MIDI files to use as ringtones, the problem may lie
>> with the files themselves. If the "volume" level of the MIDI files is set
>> low, there are ways of adjusting the file before you send it to the mobile
>> but this requires the right software and a certain amount of time, if you
>> are not familiar with MIDI programming

> are there any programs you would suggest?

From: registered user
Subject: Many thanks...
I have been using "GNMIDI" for 2 years now,
and have found the program to be the most useful one
for editing and converting midi & kar files.
So, I would just like to say "thank you, and happy easter"..
Please continue all your good work, best wishes,
Subject: Re: event list not showing all events
Forum: Cakewalk list
> I quite new at this midi stuff, but I was a s/w engr. before retiring. I'd like to
> have a bit more control over these midi files. Is there more of a midi file editor I
> could be using...perhaps a hex editor?

You can convert a MIDI file to text; edit it and then convert it back to MIDI. 
Go to Günter Nagler site at I think he has what you are 
looking for.
Subject: Re: splitting channels
The Casio uses MIDI format 0  which is all channels on one track.  Cubase
should convert 0 to 1 which is channels split out to tracks but if it
doesn't then get GNMIDI from --you should have it
anyway for serious midi -- best damn midi tool ever made.

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