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Subject: split midi files
>> With what (possibly free) program is possible to split in two a midi file?

Anything called a "sequencer".    I don't need to know about free
ones, but I'm sure there are suckh and someone will recommend one.

Note that a midi file often contains setup data - sounds allocated to
tracks, volumes etc. - at the start.     If you remove this section
and start half way through the song, you may get unexpected results.

If all you want to do is shorten the file, GNMIDI (,
shareware) can do that.  Very flexible for this sort of thing, and
avoids any worry about manually cutting and leaving out vital messages
from earlier in the song.

  It isn't too hard to cut out the end of a song using a sequencer,
but taking out the beginning is trickier.  
Subject: GNMIDI
From: registered user

I just wanted to tell you that GNMIDI is one of the best programs I have ever seen.  
You are to be complimented for the excellent work.  This is superior level software.  
Thank you.
Subject: Re: midi file "cropper"?
> I'm looking to alter a few midi files I have, I'm looking to cut off
> the intro or cut off the last minute or so of a file or two.  I don't
> need the ability to alter the notes or the instruments, just edit some
> of the files out.  Is there a freeware/shareware program for this?  best little midi utility out there.
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
>> I have a question about my GNMIDI program.
>> I have a registered version of GNMIDI 2.34.
>> I would like to upgrade my version to the latest version.
>> How can I do that?

> You can upgrade by downloading the new demo from
> and install it into your GNMIDI folder.
> Your license also works for the new version.

Thank you very much for your help !

It works perfectly.
Subject: GNMIDI license
From: registered user
I really do like your program so very much. I will use it more than any
others that I now have. Once again thank you and God bless.

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