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GNIStyle for Windows and DOS

What is GNIStyle? GNIStyle is a style editor for KORG i-series style files (*.sty). KORG i3 and i30 have an internal style editor, but most other i-series keyboards don't support editing style files. GNIStyle converts a series of MIDI files (each for a style variation) into a Korg i3 file and back. Most i-series models can load the style file directly into Korg keyboard. Free style format converters exist for other models. GNIStyle supports 10 button variations (intro1, intro2, ending1, ending2, fill1, fill2, var1, var2, var3, var4) and up to 36 chord depending variations, 6 tracks (drums, percussion, bass, acc1, acc2, acc3). GNIStyle Windows version contains functions for testing the set of midi files for style compatibility, and operations to prepare midi files to increase style compatibility.
Shareware You can use the demo with the 3 variation limit (Intro1, Var1, Ending1) for unlimitted time to create simple styles. The full version supports up to 36 style variations.
Download GNIStyle demo
(421 kb)
Current GNIStyle demo version is 1.19 . You can download here: Canada Austria
GNIStyle installation The GNIStyle software is zip compressed. Unzip into a new folder on your harddisk (e.g. c:\GNIStyle). Newer Windows systems can show the zip file content as a Windows folder and can extract into a new folder. Other systems need install unzip software (Winzip, PKZip) before GNIStyle can be installed. Start gnistyle.exe with MS Explorer. Demo will start with a demo reminder, full version does not show the reminder.
Registration price Single user license for GNIStyle costs only a key ring. The keyring will be added to the keyring collection of my brother. Value of the keyring is not important, nice objects are always welcome. Anonymous purchase is not possible, users personal data (name, address, email) is used to create license. Full version is delivered postal way to users address.
What is a keyring?
keyring example keyring collection A key ring is used for connecting keys to the ring, which is connected to a nice object.
How to register? GNIStyle gnistyle demo contains an order form that you need fill, print and send with a key ring to the specified address. The key ring must arrive at this address, lost sendings during postal way or damaged key rings or rings without object are not accepted.
How do I get my license? After successful order the newest software version and full registration key will be sent to your delivery address on cdrom. After receiving key ring and order form with specified email address you will be informed and receive a temporary license by email. Full licenses are not sent by mail.
What is necessary to edit styles? GNIStyle converts new or existing style files into small MIDI files. The software help (F1 key) explains the steps to create or modify style files.
The MIDI files must be edited with a MIDI sequencer (to enter notes). GNIStyle does not contain MIDI sequencer software. There are many sequencer products that can be used: Cakewalk, Powertracks Pro ...
System requirements GNIStyle runs with Windows system and commandline utilities with DOS/Windows. It was tested with Windows 95/ME/2000. It might run with other systems (98/NT) but we are not able to test on these systems. Before purchasing GNIStyle license please download current demo version and try it on your computer.
GNIStyle player uses your soundcard or MIDI card to play MIDI songs. A MIDI cable connection to Korg i-series keyboard is useful.
Who should use GNIStyle? GNIStyle users have a KORG i-series keyboard or module. Many models don't have an internal style editor and use GNIStyle to create or modify styles on computer. GNIStyle works only for keyboards and modules that can load and play Korg i-series styles. Style testing is mainly done directly on the keyboard, some tests can already be done in MIDI files especially when the KORG device is connected to computer.
Professional style developers prefer editing styles using their computer and MIDI sequencer software. GNIStyle helps them to convert quickly between KORG styles and MIDI files.
GNIStyle DOS conversion tools are usually only used by users that can run DOS utilities on their system but not the Windows program. It requires knowledge about DOS commandline usage.
Here are comments from GNIStyle users.
Screenshot Click on small image GNIStyle Screenshot to get a screenshot of GNIStyle.
Links to style creating guidelines
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Guidelines style creation guidelines (text only)
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