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GNKnow - File knowledge database for Windows

What is GNKnow? GNKnow is a file knowledge database. It remembers if a file is yet known. It checks for a folder with new files which files are already known by content and which are new. Even if the files are then archived on media or deleted, the database still knows which files were seen. The database stores only a fingerprint (about 100 bytes) per file to identify them later.
GNKnow finds identical files in two folder trees or duplicate files in one folder tree. Now with improved comparing speed. Resulting list of identical files can be exported as text document. Duplicate files might be deleted into file basket or experienced users might create own batch commands (.bat) that are called with every selected identical or known file.
Software Language GNKnow software is only available in English language.
Shareware This software is not free, you can try the demo for 5 days to find out if the software does what you need. After trial period is over you have to decide between registering or deleting GNKnow installation folder and demo. Even if you need it seldom you must register if you want to use it further. The demo is not intended for work, it demonstrates the capabilities of GNKnow.
Download GNKnow demo
(200 kb)
Current GNKnow demo version is 1.10 . You can download here: Canada Austria
GNKnow installation The GNKnow software is zip compressed. Unzip into a new folder on your harddisk (e.g. c:\GNKnow). Newer Windows systems can show the zip file content as a Windows folder and can extract into a new folder. Other systems need install unzip software (Winzip, PKZip) before GNKnow can be installed. Start gnknow.exe with MS Explorer. Demo will start with a demo reminder, full version does not show the reminder.
Some Windows systems have not installed Microsoft Database Jet Engine 3.5. In this case it must be downloaded and installed.
Alternative download possibility for Microsoft Database Jet Engine 3.5
Registration price Single user license for GNKnow costs only a keyring or 5$ or 5 Euro if no keyring is available (prepaid in currency Dollar or Euro). Anonymous purchase is not possible, users personal data (name, address, email) is used to create license. Full version is delivered by email.
Software upgrade Registration of GNKnow is valid for any version between 1.00 and 1.99 . Registered users can download newer demo in future and install it into their GNKnow folder.
How to register? Send a filled registration form and a keyring to address that you find in readme.txt of GNKnow demo. The keyring will be added to the keyring collection of my brother. Value of the keyring is not important, nice objects are always welcome.
What is a keyring?
keyring example keyring collection A key ring is used for connecting keys to the ring, which is connected to a nice object.
How do I get my license? After successful order the full registration key will be sent to your email address.
System requirements GNKnow runs only with Windows system. It was tested with Windows 95/ME/2000. It might run with other systems (98/NT/XP) but we are not able to test on these systems. Before purchasing GNKnow license please download current demo version and try it on your computer.
Microsoft Database Jet Engine 3.5 must be installed if GNKnow tells that it is missing. It can be downloaded free.
Who should use GNKnow? GNKnow is used from hobby computer users collecting different kind of files (music, software, pictures...). Since many files are often distributed with different name again, GNKnow helps to remember which files were already seen. The known files can be deleted and the unknown files can be added to the knowledge database, then the known files are archived somewhere, the database from now on knows that they are seen.
Here are comments from GNKnow users.
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