Shareware GNMIDI v2.55 MIDI utilities

for Windows XP/7 32bit (English, German)


Demo download:
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German: Canada Austria

Status: download a version to test it free for 14 days, then register or delete the program
Price: 25 Euro and an order form must be filled (v2.00-2.99 included)
Delivery: you get a cdrom with a personal license file and newest program version.
Updates: can be free downloaded from Internet
Register: online registration possible at other methods are described in documentation
Online HTML manual pages:
PDF Manual: download from
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Current features are:

  1. play midi (including Karaoke display)
  2. midi format 0 to 1
  3. midi format 1 to 0 (for single files or directories)
  4. repair corrupt midi
  5. RMI to midi conversion
  6. fade part of song in or out
  7. generate midi medley
  8. play midi with favorite midi player
  9. change volume of midi file for certain channel or all channels.
  10. copy part of midi (between start and end second) into a new file
  11. generate midi controllers in rhythmic or random way
  12. Karaoke file (.kar) to midi with lyrics (.e.g Cakewalk, Tune1000, Farfisa)
  13. midi with lyrics to Karaoke file (.kar)
  14. calculate maximum note polyphony
  15. Trim mute end of midi song
  16. Copy midi file information into clipboard
  17. Play midi reset sysex for GM, GS, XG modes
  18. Select midi output device for internal midi player.
  19. Sort MIDI tracks by moving some up or down inside file.
  20. Compress MIDI File (result remains standard MIDI, compression ratio: depends on file, usually 10%-15% smaller).
  21. MIDI device initialization (GM, XG, GS) before playing midi file.
  22. MIDI humanize put little timing or key pressure inexactness into song to make it feel more human and not machine like.
  23. MIDI note shift (transpose). Increments or decrements notes of specified channels by some halfnotes.
  24. Drag and drop one or more midi files from Explorer into GNMIDI.
  25. MIDI to ASCII text, edit the ASCII text with notepad (or wordpad) and convert back to a MIDI file.
  26. MIDI map channel numbers.
  27. Guess chords and add them as synchronized text events into a new midi file. Since 2.12: can choose between 3 event types (marker, lyric, text)
  28. Split drum instruments (drum notes at channel 10), generate a track for each used drum instrument.
  29. Split programs, generate a track for each used instrument and seperate their played notes.
  30. Replace notes and optionally their channel number. Define a table of note translations. The tables can be saved and loaded.
  31. Count-in measure generator to count-in initial tempo of midi song.
  32. Change MIDI resolution (PPQ).
  33. Show and edit track titles.
  34. Show or add copyright notice.
  35. Export MIDI information (including lyrics) into a text file.
  36. BPM counter to guess tempo of a song.
  37. Stretch notes duration by percentage or incrementing
  38. Mute tracks or channels by 4 available methods (to play or sing a voice self)
  39. Generate setup measure with GM/GS/XG reset sysex and initialization of missing MIDI parameters (to play in a list without random side effects).
  40. Show or add secret copyright
  41. Set Tempo (bpm)
  42. Check all midi files (in a directroy tree)
  43. Create new midi file
  44. Browse midi directory
  45. Reverse midi (mirror)
  46. Check midi natural instrument note ranges
  47. Remove hanging notes (notes that do not stop)
  48. Delete selected midi tracks
  49. Guess song key and optionally set midi song key
  50. Show original midi song keys
  51. MIDI time calculator (calculate position, time, tact, tempo within a song)
  52. Player status information (time, position, tempo, tact)
  53. Karaoke to Midi converter now with special option to support lyrics display on Roland keyboards
  54. Find text in midi files (whole archive including optimization for quick future searches)
  55. .kar to Yamaha XF conversion (e.g. for PSR keyboards)
  56. increased compatibility to some karaoke players that are not able to find karaoke text in some .kar files
  57. convert chords to harmony notes (e.g. for voice processors)
  58. Prepare midi file for PianoDisc
  59. "Cripple Notes" makes a midi file not usable for editing and score printing using 2 different methods: pitch encoding, chaos encoding
  60. Edit description and rating of song (Alt-Ctrl-I)
  61. Adjust volume to common level before playing song
  62. Set all midi to common volume level
  63. Entertainment: choose criterias to select songs from your midi archive and let me entertain you
  64. Playback List sequential or random playing
  65. GM pitchbend range initialization before playing song
  66. Karaoke Show: Follow lyrics and use selected text font
  67. Karaoke lyrics convertion for more .kar files at once
  68. Print Lyrics from midi song
  69. New midi player controls in player status
  70. Mute Melody for Karaoke or to play the melody self (with MIDI keyboard)
  71. Record MIDI from MIDI cable to file
  72. Display MIDI mode (GM; GS; XG)
  73. Display MIDI Description fields
  74. Set song tempo keeping song speed (adjusts all pauses to new tempo)
  75. Karaoke conversion for Roland keyboards
  76. optional line length limitation in karaoke to lyrics conversion
  77. advanced make medley operation
  78. 3 methods for recording from keyboard (live, synchronized, delayed)
  79. edit karaoke text and timing
  80. sound test for set program operation
  81. split hands at splitpoint (seperate piano notes into lower and upper manual)
  82. tip of the day
  83. transpose song for playing melody on scoresheet
  84. MIDI melody to mobile phone ring tones (RTTL)
  85. mobile phone ring tones (RTTL) to MIDI file
  86. splitted window with information and karaoke and seperate fonts.
  87. karaoke to Roland video lyrics
  88. guess chords for PSR 9000 chord format (META) and Technics KN (%Cm)
  89. more options for guess chord operation e.g. guess at every beat
  90. more chords are recognized by guess chord e.g. add9, sus4, dim, aug
  91. MIDI settings landscape for display of important MIDI parameters
  92. insert empty measure into midi song
  93. add GM Initialization to single file or many files
  94. MIDI file compression optional (turn off for older keyboards)
  95. Batch conversion (apply same operation to more MIDI files in a folder)
  96. Nokia 3330 ring tone editor keystrokes
  97. MIDI commands filter
  98. Find large pauses
  99. Show tempo changes
  100. Show text positions
  101. Piano pedal controller simplifier (e.g. pianodisc)
  102. Controller quantization by expressions
  103. Generate tempo slide
  104. Sysex transfer
  105. Karaoke editor (synchronize song text syllables)
  106. Synchronization editor (synchronize song text lines in real time during song playing)
  107. .st3 karaoke file import
  108. SOS button to stop unexpected stuck notes in your MIDI device
  109. Generate parsons code for MIDI melody (for searching melody in a parsons code search engine)
  110. Delete notes or move notes to other channel (see also replace notes)
  111. Fit MIDI improvisation to a score sheet
  112. Assign constant volume values to MIDI channels
  113. Remove part of a song.
  114. Adjust notes to a given raster (quantise)
  115. Reduce note polyphony to monophony
  116. Searches for similar MIDI files in your MIDI archive
  117. Compares two MIDI files and displays the differences.
  118. sets song title according to file names in MIDI archive
  119. renames MIDI file names according to their song titles
  120. clones MIDI channel with optional delay (echo effect)
  121. cleans MIDI file by removing unnecessary MIDI commands and sorting setup commands
  122. converts MIDI file content into .csv tables that can be viewed or modified by a calculation application (e.g.
  123. converts a modified .csv table generated by GNMIDI back to a MIDI file
  124. removes MIDI chords of some known chord formats
  125. inserts marker text into song, jump to a marker position during playing.
  126. combines related note on/off commands optionally during .csv conversion, delivers note positions and durations in milliseconds, delivers note names and note numbers in comma separated text.
More functions might be added in future