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About GNMIDI ...
displays copyright and version number  

open help document for current topic (key F1 can be used)  

GNMIDI Homepage
goes directly to (here you can download newer program versions)  

Check updates
opens a web page at that checks if there is an update version available.  
For registered users it also checks if there is a newer update that the purchased license does not include.  

Display recent news ...
opens a web page in your browser with the latest news about GNMIDI  

Purchase license ...

order a single user license for using GNMIDI  
Differences between Professional and Light licenses ...
help about licenses with comparism of differences between Professional and Light licenses  

Tip of the day ...
read some useful hints about using this software  

Open log file ...

GNMIDI writes a log file with information which commands were used and errors and warnings if something happened.  
This file can be viewed in a text editor using this operation.  
Request access code for this computer
When you have installed a full license this option might appear to register the current computer for use with this license.  
This counts the number of computers used with your license file (max. 5 computers for a license).  
Requesting an access code can be done online (webpage) or offline (by email).  
GNMIDI might ask self for entering the request code some weeks after your order.