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Change Resolution
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MIDI resolution can be changed without changing tempo, the pauses are quantised to the new resolution steps.

Old resolution
current MIDI song resolution  

New resolution
choose new resolution value from a list of common used resolution values.  
MIDI Resolution (ppq)
MIDI resolution defines number of units per quarter note for whole song (resolution). A MIDI unit is the smallest usable pause or note duration in the song. The smallest usable pause or note is 1/(4*resolution) units (e.g. for resolution 96 the smallest note is 1/384 = 1/(3*128), that means that it can be used precisely for trioles of 1/128 notes).  

Hint: 96 ppq is recommended for General MIDI compatible songs.

Hint: Some players might not be able to play songs with too high resolution, reducing resolution with this operation should help.