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Open demo music file
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Gratefully music company bonmidi has provided a demo song with synchronised song text that can be used to try the GNMIDI player and its operations.

   Melodie der Heimat - bonmidi music
(GEMA free, demo use only in combination with GNMIDI software, according to written permission by bonmidi Music)

GM MIDI (General Midi version usable on all GM compatible devices)

XG MIDI (Yamaha XG Midi version usable on all Yamaha keyboards or modules)

MP3 with text (recorded song with synchronised song text, 3.6 MB)

melody composer and song text composer: bonmidi music 2017 (all rights reserved)

It is not allowed to distribute the files without written permission of bonmidi music company.

The complete song can be purchased in the online MIDI shop

Hint: MP3 files are not delivered with the GNMIDI program. It requires internet access and http permissions to download the mp3 file once. The file will be downloaded at first time if internet without restrictions is available.