Warning: criminals distribute virus emails with faked sender

Special constructed emails with virus attachment try to pretend receiver, that the mail was sent from gnmidi.com, which is surely not true, the sender address and any content about gnmidi is simply faked.
We neither send advertisement mails nor mass mails and our answering mails are checked to be virus free before sending.

In general we strongly suggest because of unsecurity of Internet to safe your computer with activated antivirus software and keep the recognization data of these programs always at newest state (automatically if possible).

That you don't need to load emails with dangerous virus attachments to your computer, we suggest to use programs that let you safely look at your mailbox content and let you filter spam and suspicious mails before even downloading the mail (e.g.Mailwasher).

With current used antiquated internet mail system it is possible for computer criminals to send dangerous emails and faking the origin of the email and send the mail with faked addresses.

Internet experts don't want to change current used email system, which would be necessary to stop the sick criminal actions (spam, viruses, trojans, faking, emails can be catched during delivery ...). With current system it doesn't help to find out who really sent the infected mail that one has received, because those are usually self victim of the virus attack. It would be necessary to follow back a long row of senders to find the real criminal virus creator or virus distributor, who can be even fools or children since criminals have offered virus generators to make it easier to create new viruses. Because of data protection laws it is not possible for a normal human to follow the row back to the criminals, and because of the relative small damage to a computer governments are not interested in finding out the criminals. We request that responsible inventors of Internet email systems create a secure email system and stop the old system soon. The masses of incoming email viruses and spam emails is not bearable anymore.

We can't do more about the existing unsecurity in Internet except inform users about the criminal actions of psychical sick individuals in Internet. We are not responsible for these criminal actions. Please be careful when opening emails with attachments that you receive unwanted.

Günter Nagler