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GNMIDI 2.42 				GOOD

Multifunctional Karaoke MIDI song player with record, synchronize,
convert, edit and other useful features. It works with lyrics, show
extended MIDI file info and much much more...
Subject: Re: MIDI volume?
> Please excuse what I'm certain is a stupid question. I am new to trying
> to edit MIDI files and I'm running into a problem that I can't find the
> answer to.
> I'm using Anvil Studio to make adjustments to MIDI files which I
> download off the net. I have figured out how to truncate the songs, but
> what I would really like to do is be able to fade out of a song rather
> than truncate it with an abrupt stop. In Anvil, it seems as though you
> have to record the MIDI to a wave track and fade the volume down that
> way. Somehow that just doesn't seem right to me.
> Isn't there a way to do a sort of "global" fade on all the tracks of a
> MIDI to fade down the volume, while still keeping it a MIDI and not
> converting it to WAV format?

Use GNMIDI. It does fadin' like nothing else. Easy and quick too.

Get it at:
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI ordered
Thank you for the quick response
Your program is fantastic!!!
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
Congratulations for the evolution of GNMIDI software. It's a fantastic tool
for "apprentis" musicians.
Subject: Re: "Professional" midi-files
As for GNMIDI, I bought it some time ago and download the updates every few
months. I use it almost daily, amazing software at the price.

I've been buying my files at and have found that very few files
are missing the lryicss, but most are inside the Information area. This is a
quick fix with GNMIDI software and it will find the words instantly. It also
will take the embedded text files and convert them to lyric mode in a snap! It
does a lot of other neat commands that Cakewalk won't do.... I'm paying $30.00
dollars for this software and it does a lot of neat stuff for a utility
program. You can find it at or just do a Yahoo search for GNMIDI.
Subject: Re: Alesis SR-16 help needed
> I have various drum voice notes assigned to the 4 audio outputs on my	SR-16.
> For example I have the kick sent to Main Left, the Snare to Main right. I
> then have my toms sent out thru aux left and all my cymbals thru the aux
> right. Now then, when I play the actual rubber pads on the machine itself
> all is fine, the proper voices are sent out through the proper outputs.
> However when I play a midi file with drum tracks everything comes through
> the main outs. I have tried changing the note number and various voice
> assignments but with no luck. Could anyone offer any suggestions??

The midi application and the internal chip function are not compatible.
This is common on many keyboards with internal rhythms.
Try this:  use a program like GNMIDI from to split 
your drums to separate tracks. Then assign each drum track a channel.  
Then set up the	Alesis to receive the channels and see if you can assign 
the each channel/drum to a different audio out using the internal drum 
machine	controls.
If you have Cakewalk, it also can use a CAL program to split drums to tracks
in the later versions of Cakewalk.
From: Registered user
Subject: very good software
i purchased your midi software it's great. 
Subject: GNMIDI
It will fix midi files, combines multiple files into 1, cut the silent
passage from the end of a
file, fades in and out and shows all the info within a file. Click on
DOWNLOAD at to get a copy of demo.
Subject: Re: Midi Channel Changes?
Newsgroups: cakewalk.general
There is a nice program at that will do the trick
for you.
It is called GNMIDI
It also has many other similar features

>Is it possible to somehow change the midi channel assignment instead of
>just re-routing it? I have tried many ways (cut & paste....etc) with no
>luck. Why can't I just copy the note events to a new track that has a
>different new midi channel? Am I just being picky?
Subject: Re: Help!
> Hi could someone tell me how to download midi files onto a floppy and	ensure
> i can play them on a yamaha QY700 without it saying illegal file

You probably need to convert them from Type 1 to Type 0 files.
Goto and get GNMIDI with the converter.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration ...
Dear Mr. Nagler,

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
A great program. Thanks for creating it.

From: registered user
Subject: Silence Instruments
Thank you for this wonderful program.  I use it often.
Subject: midi.kar format for Suzuki G-33 elec. piano karaoke player?
This is a follow up on the Suzuki G-33 Karaoke player. I have found the
answer to playing your own karaoke (.kar) files on all the Suzuki Electronic
Keyboards and pianos. Now you can convert any .kar file and copy them to a
floppy disk so they will show lyrics on the LCD screen and the Video output.
I discovered a software program by Gunter Nagler called GNMIDI and it works
great.  There is a trial version available too. You can convert a single
song or do a batch convert on an entire folder. It's so simple even a novice
can do it, first you need a blank floppy disk then on your PC gather the
..kar songs in a folder that you want be able the play using the LCD screen
to show the lyrics. Next open GNMIDI and click "Convert" on the top tool
bar, Select "All Karaoke to Midi with lyrics",  In the next window select
"Tune 1000 (standard midi lyrics)" then click OK, Now in the "Choose folder
for batch conversion" window browse and select the respective source and
destination folders and click OK. If you want them to go directly to your
floppy disk be sure to have a disk in the drive. Now they are ready to play
on your Suzuki Piano. This is only one small aspect of the power of this software.

If you want to a single song just click "file" and then "open" and select
the single song you want to convert. Then click "convert" tool and select
"Karaoke to Midi with lyrics" and set the format to "Tune 1000 (standard
midi lyrics)" then OK. Then Save the song using "save as" where ever you
wish, floppy or any file.
Subject: Re: Cakewalk-Help-text and lyrics
>Songs with text events won't show in the lyrics view.How can I change text
>events to lyric events so that they will? Thanks.

Try with GNMIDI
Subject: Re: Changing Volume in Cakewalk Globally or per track in Cakewalk

>> In Cakewalk when you have a midi file that has varying volumes in it, is
>> there a way that you can select a track or tracks and determine that all the
>> volumes (not velocities) can be changed globally for example up 20% or down
>> 15% etc. If so how can this be done please, and if not is there any utility
>> that can do this.

> Track - Property - Volume ???

  Nope.  That will change every volume to the same number.  It doesn't
adjust them proportionately.

  GNMIDI,, will do that.   There may be a CAL program
for Cakewalk (pro) which can do the same thing, finding all volume
control events and multiplying it by an entered value, with
Subject: conversions
From: registered user
I am extremely pleased with GNMIDI.  I use it all the time.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: GNMIDI
Thank you .... great utility.
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI license
I've received the software just now.
It's a GREAT software!
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
I have found away to do what I was trying. 
1st Guess Chords, then Slide chord track in Cakewalk, Save with different 
Name.   2nd load original into GNMIDI and sync words.  Now I have two 
midi's.  One with words and one with chords where I want them.   Open both 
files in Cakewalk and Cut an paste the track into original.

It worked.

Thank you for you quick response and help.   I love your programs and 
use them daily.
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: registered user
GREAT software, by the way....I've mentioned to several friends and they'll
be buying shortly.
Subject: Re: Chord Analyzer
> I use Cakewalk, but I don't know how to recognize chords into tracks of my
> midifile and how to put chord labels into the score.
> I've tryed also with other programs, but .. :-(.. seems there is nothing to
> do.
> Can you suggest me a program that could well recognize chords from a MIDI
> file track?

The best is probably GNMIDI from  more accurate than
Subject: How to correct midi/karaoke lyrics
>>>>>> Being a stickler for detail, I have donwloaded a few *.kar files and the
>>>>>> lyrics disoplayed are incorrect.  How do I go about correcting them? Is
>>>>>> there a specific software program I can download to use?
>>Maybe some of the free utilities from
>>could help.
>>I have also a quoestion - what is the difference between a .kar file and a
>>"MIDI file with lyrics" - istn't ist just another form of .kar? 

  There are two different types of MIDI lyrics -- one uses text events
(this is the most popular .kar standard used by karaoke lyric programs
like Karakan), the other uses lyric events (Cakewalk and Tune1000 uses
this, though Tune1000 also put out files using the other).

  The events are similar, but not identical.  Some programs can only
edit one or the other, and some players only display one of the two.

There are specific standard formatting (track numbers, channels,
labels, etc.) for each -- a lot of them, actually, which is why the
Windows GNMIDI program comes in so handy, to convert between them.
The freeware tools do some of that, but the Windows app has all the
good stuff in one package, with an easy to use interface.
Web Forum: Cell phone

 > i wanna edit my MIDI's so I can make them louder and make cuts

the best software u can have for the midi editing is "GNMIDI". You can have it 

From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
I raise my glass to you for making this great collection of 
midi tools in one single package. It does just what I need, great job!
From: demo user
Subject: GNMIDI
I think your program is the only one out there to do what I need......I'll
have to purchase it and give it a try.

Thanks again - if you hadn't written this program I would need to use a
sequencer to do these simple jobs.
From: new registered
Subject: Re: Shift notes with Gnmidi
Thanks for your reply. I followed your advice and it worked fine. The notes were 
shifted as desired on all staves.
Now, does it cost anything to upgrade my 2.46 version of GNMIDI to the latest?

Remark from author: registered users may upgrade without costs (till version 2.99, 
install the newest demo from and use it with your GNMIDI 
license that you find on your GNMIDI cdrom).
Subject: Re: Converting .kar to Tune 1000
From: registered user
The program works perfectly.  You are very creative.  I am enjoying my 
Technics PR902 Digital Ensemble more than ever thanks to you.  By the 
way, I am in a wheelchair and have spent the last 25 years there.  I 
suffered a birth injury which caused Cerebral Palsy.  Thank you for your 
help and good work.  I noticed at your WEB site that you use the money 
to buy Keyboars for handicapped kids.  This is a wonderful thing to do 
because as  you know it gives the children control over something where 
they can be creative.
From: Registered user
Subject: RE: Mixer
Your email response was very informative and extremely useful.. There is no
question that you are an authority on the topic of midi technology.

My OS is Windows 8.1.  I am not interested in upgrading to Windows 10 
for a
number of sound reasons that I can share with you if interested.  I had
forgotten about the GNMixer software you developed.  I have downloaded 
demo and it is exactly the solution required to add the finishing 
touches to
my midi files.  Excellent program!

Although I am using Win 8.1, I took your advice and downloaded/installed
VirtualMiniSynth and the recommended Soundfont.  The quality has 
improved because of your suggestion. (Thank you!)  I now understand the
reason you asked in an earlier communication if I was happy with the 
output from the iPad.  I have decided that the iPad is suitable for 
jam sessions but a Windows Notebook computer is required for stage

I am going to buy a license for GNMixer to unlock its full 
Thank you for producing quality software products with superior support.

Well done, Guenter!
Subject: Re: splitting channels
The Casio uses MIDI format 0  which is all channels on one track.  Cubase
should convert 0 to 1 which is channels split out to tracks but if it
doesn't then get GNMIDI from --you should have it
anyway for serious midi -- best damn midi tool ever made.
Subject: Motorola V500 help
I used a lot of audio apps with various mobile phones, COOL EDIT series 
are also good if you need to convert or downmix wavs or midis or most 
audio files, but GNMIDI does everything I need for my mpx.
web page:
Subject: GNMIDI  v2.15 Description:

is a MIDI file player with a large collection of useful MIDI tools. The 
program can change files (or whole directories and their 
sub-directories) back and forth between MIDI format 0 and 1. It can 
repair corrupt MIDI files, convert from RMI to MIDI, and generate MIDI 
medley. GNMIDI can change the volume of a MIDI file for certain channel 
or for all channels, easily fading sections in or out. Copying between 
units or beats, exporting parts to a new file, and trimming the mute end 
of a MIDI song are all simple tasks.

GNMIDI can translate Karaoke files (KAR) to MIDI with lyrics intact, and 
vice versa. It lets you edit track titles, and can export MIDI 
information (including lyrics) to a text file or to the Windows 
Clipboard. In fact, it can even convert a MIDI file to ASCII text that 
you can edit with a word processor and then convert back to MIDI.

A MIDI "humanize" feature lets you put small timing or key-pressure 
variations into a song to make it feel less mechanical. You can also 
split programs to generate a track for each used instrument and separate 
their notes, or split drum instruments (drum notes at channel 10) to 
generate a track for each used drum instrument.

GNMIDI allows you to check the natural note ranges of standard 
instruments, modify note velocity, stretch note duration, transpose the 
notes of specified channels by half notes, and use note translations 
tables to replace notes (and optionally their channel number). It can 
calculate maximum note polyphony, find and remove hanging notes, and can 
even guess chords and add them as synchronized text events.

If you have ever noticed random side effects when playing MIDI files in 
sequence, GNMIDI solves this problem by issuing sysex device-reset 
commands and initializing missing MIDI parameters. With GNMIDI, you can 
set the tempo (BPM) of a MIDI song, change its resolution (PPQ), reverse 
it for backwards play, or add a secret copyright notice. The program is 
able to compress most MIDI files from 10% to 15%, and the result remains 
standard MIDI.
Subject: Re: Band In a Box/Powertracks
I don't work for them and never have--I have beta tested some software for
them for free.

I was the first one on the phone to PG to order the new software since they
were giving up the MegaPak for BIAB at a great discount.  And had the CD's 
shortly after that along with the publications.

I have never tried the scan method but using Dr. Nagler's GNMIDI, I  have
used the Guess Chords function and saved as Lyrics and pasted to PT and 
run in the Big Lyrics Window so the chord changes play along with the file.
From: registered user
Subject: midi problem
Your file works very well.

Yesterday night I also tried your procedure 
with a couple song
and I can tell you that they work!!.

I really tried 
only two songs because I come back very later at home,
but I'm trusting 
you solved the problem.


Still thank you for your helpfulness.

(I already told my daughter and my family that Günter, a friend of mine, 
solved my problem of few months in one day because he is a genius)
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI - MIDI Tools for Windows
Hello, Finding GNMIDI today was such good fortune. Thank you
for producing this fine software. It will help my research greatly. 
Subject: Re: convert smf1 or 2 midi files
>I've bought a 731 tk casion keyboard, which save or play only smf0 midi files in/from
>That's why i've been looking for a program, free if possible but not necessary, that
>can transform a midi file of type
>smf1 or smf2 into a smf0 midi file.
>Who knows the answer ?
>Thanks much for responding.

  Most flexible converter tool I know is GNMIDI (
which is Windows software.  But it does much more than just type conversion.
Subject: Re: chord recognition help
> I ve just got into midi with my yamaha keyboard
> and im looking for a chord recognition program (freeware)

Just goto and get GNMIDI and send Dr. Nagler his
small fee.  This is what you are looking for without question--the rest
just don't measure--it a is the best bag of tools for midi anywhere at any
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: MIDI lock
Good to see that your GNMIDI page is still on the web.  
I used to work a lot with midi in the 1990s and early 2000s when
preparing midi files for composers to present to publishers.  
As you know, to make a good midi is much work. Being more a musician
than a technician, I worked with notation sequencers and did very little
actual coding or editing of midi code.  
Changed from PC to Mac and could not find good and simple midi editing
and sequencing software like available for PC.
 Still work with PC when doing detailed midi work.
Thank you for your reply and for all your excellent software for many
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
thanks for developing such a great product !  
Subject: GNMIDI
From: GNMIDI registered user
Just a couple more comments I wanted to make about your amazing program.
I've discovered the feature of "change volume" and found it to be very 
effective in regard to my new keyboard. Because the range of keyboard 
velocity on my new keyboard is very slight between soft and hard, and 
the range on my old keyboard is very wide between soft and hard, I can 
now program a midi file	to come out on the new keyboard as it did on the 
old keyboard. For example, on the new keyboard if I record a part, it 
sometimes will be a full 127 in	velocity whereas on the old keyboard 
I might record the same note but it might only be at 110 velocity. 
With the feature on your program for changing velocity (and not only 
volume), I can take the note I recorded on my old keyboard and raise 
the velocity, and vice versa, take a note recorded on the new keyboard 
and reduce the note velocity -  and I can do that on a specific
channel or all channels. Very, very nice!
Subject: Re: please
> anyone know if there is a program to tell me the key a midi file is playing
> in, thanks:-)) sorry if its a stupid question

GNMIDI goto does that and lots of other goodies--best
little tool in midi.
Subject: Re: Midi Files/Guitar Chords
> Does anyone know of a computer program for either Mac or PC computers that
> will be able to read a midi file and display the guitar chords for that
> particular song? I don't mean the actual notes on the music scale, because
> there are lots of programs that will do that, but a program that will
> actually name the chord ( D, or Em or G7, etc) that is being used.

Cakewalk will do it but it's kind of a pain to use.  But goto
and get Dr. Nagler's GNMIDI--does the best I've ever seen and you can
make a Lyric track of it to stick in Cakewalk or other notation track 
programs. This little tool is worth the payment.
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI Piano Disc
I am reworking all of my music now and it looks like a quite resourceful program.
Many hours of fun ahead!
From: registered user
Subject: RE: GNMIDI3 license
Works well.
This is the only midi software that sends controller resets between multiple songs.
Windows 10 PC on Asus T100.
Good stuff.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration ...
Thank You for the temporary license.
Your program is the best of midi program!
Subject: Re: format
>> i have some xg midi files how can i convert them to gm format 

  GNMIDI ( has tools to strip XG and GS information
from a file.  Even so, some files won't sound right when remixed that
way; ultimately, the best solution is manual editing, knowing how the
file was intended to sound and trying to pick out the best
approximation of that in GM.

  Two things are hard to accomodate:  Multiple drum kits (especially
those with sounds not available in the GM kit) -- GM only supports one
drum channel, whereas XG allows all 16 to be drums.  The other is any
instrument sound which doesn't have a close mapping in GM -- most of
the sound effects, but also, some of the melodic and percussion sounds
have nothing remotely like them in GM.

  Effects are the last thing which you really can't accomodate.  All
you can hope for is that the sound sans effects is pleasing, but it
may not resemble the XG sound closely at all.
Subject: Re: Deleting empty measures at END of MIDI file?
Newsgroups: cakewalk.beginners
> I have sequenced out something about 2 minutes long as a Cakewalk
> project file (.wrk). However, there are empty measures at the end that
> have been added somehow accidentally. In fact, I can add more just by
> clicking on the last couple of measures in the "Track view."
> PROBLEM: When I "Save As" a MIDI file (format 0 or 1), the empty
> measures are also saved! That means if I double-click on the generated
> MIDI file, it is opened up by Windows Media Player (my default MIDI
> player) as a 4 minute file, with the last 2 minutes blank.
> I have tried all sorts of delete, delete hole, cut, etc., and I can't
> get rid of the blank two minutes at the end. I also cruised the web for
> awhile on this without success. Solutions? Thanks in advance.

If you still have trouble, there is a little tool out there called
GNMIDI that can solve a lot of those kinds of problems.  Goto
and get Dr. Nagler's program--a must tool for midi.
Subject: Re: karaoke files in sonar
Ok i ve found another way to get kar files into sonar dxi, thought i'd post
it for future reference.
I use software called 'GNMIDI' to batch convert all the .kar (karaoke files)
to midi with lyrics GNMIDI supports cakewalk 4 and above with lyrics) then
bring them in as midi tracks and set up the lyric view nice and large and it
works great, add dxi as per a normal midi track. The timimg in lyric view of
the highlighted lyrics is better than all the other karaoke programs i ve
tried, would be nice if the lyric view was a bit more customizable, but i m
not complaining.
Subject: Links to songsheets
When I make a karaoke (.kar) version of a MIDI file, I used to import 
the MIDI and lyrics into Melody Assistant and export in .kar format from 
there, but now I find it easier to use GNMIDI for the same task.
webpage: a midi files download page
There is no intent to infringe on any COPYRIGHT and if anything on my
page is in violation I will remove same on notification and PROOF from
owner. We have checked each song with the GNMIDI midi song checker found
at GNMIDI utilities for windows for copyright details, and found none

Comment from GNMIDI author:
Finding no copyright information in a MIDI file is no proof that it is 
copyright free or that free distribution is allowed! 
Some person might have even deleted copyright messages from the file to
make it more difficult to identify file origin.
Rights of midi file producers, composers, lyric authors are still 
existing even if they are not mentioned inside midi file.
From: registered GNMIDI user
Subject: order
Thanks for the prompt service and delivery and thanks for the GREAT program!
Subject: Re: Fichiers midi
Newsgroups: fr.comp.musique
All frenchies here want to say you thank you for your soft .

Many thanx !
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration
Thank You for sending me the GNMIDI CDROM so quickly.
It came in the mail this morning at work.

I am admiring your excellent cover art, personalized with
my name on it. What a delight! I have to show this to
my friends.

Thanks again for all your detailed help on the Yamaha XF format.

Everything about your software, features, documentation,
packaging and delivery looks so professional. I am impressed.
Subject: Program arrived
From: registered user
Just a short email to let you know that your program arrived 
safely today.  It is on the computer and have been using it straight 
away.  I have a keyboard which requires Format0 midi files and music is 
a big part of my life so your program is just so great.  

Thank you for everything - Best wishes to you from 
Subject: lengthen midi files
>>>> i have a large collection of full length midi files
>>>> I want to be able to trim these files down using something like Nero Wave 
>>>> editor, only something that works with midi files
>>>> this is because i mainly want to be able to use these as small previews 
>>>> at whats on offer the download from a large directory of midi files.
>>>> can anyone point me in the right direction?
>>>> something simple that a novice can use would be ideal
>> GNMIDI Software
>> it can:
>> shorten a midi song (cut operation e.g. first 30 seconds)
>> fade in/out midi song volume
>> and this can be done to many files at once (batch conversion).
>> it is no midi sequencer, easy to use
>> try it for some files with demo at


thanks man

exactly what i wanted 
Subject: Re: Lyrics on Yamaha PSR-640
> Hi - I hope someone can help with this problem please.  My PSR-640 displays
> lyrics, but it seems only  when I'm playing a Tune 1000 file.  I would like it
> to display the lyrics in my own midis but I'm having no luck at all.  I tried
> converting to Format 0 and I've looked at the Tune 1000 files with Midi Toolbox
> and my XGWorks seq and there doesn't seem to be anything exceptional.  The only
> difference I can't create is a sync of 96 clicks/min instead of my 480. Nothing
> seems to work and the Yamaha manual is no help at all.  What do I have to do?

  GNMIDI,, Software.  It handles lyric and text event
conversion among several of the lyric formats, as well as a lot of
other MIDI file manipulations.  Stuff that sequencer programs don't
really do well.
Subject: Re: Good Midi karaoke creator program
if you get GNMIDI from you can analyze your chord
progressions and save the progression as Lyrics and run the progression 
as the music plays in the PowerTracks midikaraoke Big Lyrics Window.
GMMidi costs 36 Euro at (credit card, paypal, bank transfer)
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: registered user
I've loaded the permanent licence and things seem to be working  ok.

I've been using your GNMIDI software for the last 3 weeks and I must 
congratulate you on a superb programme which I have found invaluable:-

will be recommending your software to all my music/pc friends.
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.karaoke, alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.karaoke,
Subject: GM Reset

GNMIDI is the easiest tool to do it with that I know of.  
Subject: Re: What is the best midi only sequencer software?
> I use both Cakewalk and Powertracks plus that cool little application GNMIDI
> from Dr. Nagler (you just gotta have this bad boy if you do a lot of midi).
> I also use Roland and have the GSAE editor which replaces setup measures and
> allows all the parameters of the Sound Canvas line to be edited and cut and
> pasted in a mouse click to Cakewalk.

Subject: Re: question
From: registered user
Thank you Gunter. I did want to tell you that I heard about your product 
from the Solton club. You have a lot of happy people that have used your 
From: registered user
Subject: Re: Upgrade
it works great. Thank you very very much for such a wonderful 
product and such good service.
Forum: fractal newsgroup
Also, a great collection of MIDI utilities is Gunter Nagler's Midi
Utilities site. It's one of the best sites for Midi applications:
Web page:


Anyone who uses MIDI files, needs this program. Dozens of useful
functions. Simple program with full help file does everything it
purports to do and does it extrmemly well and fast. I have been using
the program for years and continue to find new uses for it. Excellent
support although rarely needed. Look here for MIDI functions before
looking any place else because anything done in GNMIDI is unlikely to be
done better elsewhere.
Subject: gnmidi program
From: registered user
Thank you for sending my registration so promptly and congratulations on
a great program which I look forward to using.
Subject: R: Midi Type 0 o 1
Newsgroups: it.comp.musica.midi it is a place where he finds something of profit sure.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: new GNMIDI registered user
Super super GNMIDI       bravo !!!
From: registered user
Subject: Comment
I've just downloaded the latest version and must say "thanks" 
for your amazing programme !

I use it almost daily since purchasing several years ago 
and highly recommend it to fellow musicians.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI chords
Making chords in GNMIDI and save it as a lyric in Sonar or Cakewalk, works
now wonderful.
In Cakewalk or Sonar you can add chord diagrams on base of the "lyric"
chords made in GNMIDI and save the file as a Cakewalk or Sonar File. After
that you can see the cords / cord diagrams on  the track you have chosen and
easily move them to any track (for instance the track with the leading song)
and more than that you can see the cords also in the lyric view.

I'm very very happy with your program!!
From: Registered user
Subject: RE: GNMIDI3 License
I appreciate the time and effort you spent on designing the Chord Editor and
the Lyrics Editor.

The Grid arrangement of the Chord Editor was a brilliant idea. I like the
flawless implementation of this easy to view and understand concept.

After GNMIDI 3 guesses the Chords to a MIDI File, I can go inside the Chord
Editor and make a few changes.

The saved MIDI file is now a genuine Yamaha XF MIDI File with the correct
embedded Yamaha Chord Meta Events.

It plays perfectly on my Yamaha CVP-609 Clavinova and the Styles follow in
the Chords symbols.

I like the way how both the Lyrics and Chords show up in the Clavinova

I think GNMIDI 3 Professional is an indispensable tool for Yamaha Arranger

This tool provides the quickest and painless way to convert any GM, GS, XG
Midi File into a Yamaha XF Midi File containing the embedded Chords and
Lyrics that can be played back on any Yamaha Arranger.
From: demo user
Subject: My toughts about GNMidi
Thanks for creating such a cool tool. I use it to cut pieces of a
large midi to make my free ringtones. I am willing to register it... I
wish I had the money... But hey! I'll register it asap. It really rocks!
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
>> I have a question about my GNMIDI program.
>> I have a registered version of GNMIDI 2.34.
>> I would like to upgrade my version to the latest version.
>> How can I do that?

> You can upgrade by downloading the new demo from
> and install it into your GNMIDI folder.
> Your license also works for the new version.

Thank you very much for your help !

It works perfectly.
Subject: Re: Split 1 Drum Track -> many tracks
> I would like to split a drum track to control every instrument (pan,
> reverb, volum etc.) My track comes from Band-in-a-Box and I usuially use
> Cakewalk 8.0

Just use Guenter Nagler utility called GNMIDI and it will split the drum
channel into different channels for each percussion instrument. It works
like a charm. This is a utility that you can't be without. To get the
software go to his web site at
From: Registered user
Subject: Re: Batch move midi type 1 and 2 files?
Hey , Thanks for the great software. I love how everything is st up, and,
it works for so much more than I thought I would like. I just want you to
know I am very happy with it.
From: Registered user
Subject: Re: conversion files
Thank you so much for the explanation. It works well. And I love this program. 
I am now transposing all my files so i don't have to do it at the keyboard.
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI3 license
License now received and program authorized.

This is great software Mr Nagler. I am merely a musician (hobbyist) and have 
been searching for a way to separate midi files into track arrangements so 
that I may learn (and play) each facet as a fairly faithful cover version. 
Your software will be tremendously useful in that endeavor and much more 
Subject: Re: Blue Oyster Cults "Don't Fear the Reaper"?
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.sounds.midi
> PS:  If anybody knows of a small software program that can be used to
> edit (shorten) a .midi file that would be greatly appreciated also!


Picked this one up here a few weeks ago...
been usin' it religiously ever since... works great for makin'
MIDIs "loop" well as background sounds on websites.
Forum: Rollscanners Yahoo group
Subject: Re: [Rollscanners] Re: Midi Files
Yamaha dealt with in later models this by arranging for the pedal
movement to be recorded at any of 128 different positions.  This data all
goes into the MIDI file and is the main reason that files of this type are
quite a lot larger than ordinary MIDI piano files.  Purely electronic
emulators cope OK with these files but PianoDiscs have a problem because the
pedal solenoid is confronted with a large number of pedal events rather than
a simple 'on' or 'off' and this causes the pedal solenoid to flutter
noisily.  You will have a similar problem with your pneumatically interfaced
player piano.

Returning to your original question, although the majority of the files you
find will play well, I would still recommend providing yourself with a good
MIDI utility and by far the best is GNMIDI by Günter Nagler of Austria.  It
is available from for $30 US or 25 Euros.  This is an
excellent utility which performs many useful test and repair functions and
also enables tracks to be moved and mixed at will.  One of the few things it
doesn't do is to deal with the half pedalling problem.

Comment from GNMIDI author:
GNMIDI 2.40 has operations that solve this pedal problem.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
Thanks again. Everything is working fine. I am using your software to
convert midi files to type 0 so that i can play them on my portable casio
From: registered user
Subject: I received the GNMIDI, Thank you !
       I'm very happy to tell you that the CD-ROM already arrived. 
The pandas on the stamp are so cute. Good service! And I will enjoy my time 
with GNMIDI, thank you for your help and replies. Looking forward to your 
new developments.
Subject: Order of your software (translated from German)
From: new user
Hello Mr. Nagler,

first my respect to your GNMIDI software.
I searched several month for such a tool.
With your software all my MIDI problems were solved suddenly.

I ordered GNMIDI after testing the demo extensively.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: registered user
I downloaded your demo to test it for my purposes and it worked great. I
then purchased the product and am waiting for the disk in the mail.

Thank you for your help and for a terrific application.
Subject: Please Send
From: registered user

Just found your GNMIDI program which is just what I've been looking for (for
4 months). I have ordered it on-line with my credit card.

PLEASE send download information right away, if possible.
I really want to get going on my project and can't wait to try all of the
full-feature capabilities.

Thank You!
Subject: midi to smf
From: webpage visitor
also nice webpage very easy to read and follow,
Subject: Re: PC Software for midi data storage
>> Now that I'm using Win XP, instead of Wind 98, I need something for my
>> pc to store midi data from an Alesis MMT8.
>> I was using a program called Freeloader, but I get an error message
>> when using with Windows XP.
>> Any software ideas?

> GNMIDI  sysex transfer operation

Very Impressive looking software.
$30 is a little steep for me right now, but
I'll keep this on the back burner.
Web Forum: Hitsquad

GNMIDI. By far the best midi utility around. Windows software for around 36 Euro.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: registered user

I just wanted to tell you that GNMIDI is one of the best programs I have ever seen.  
You are to be complimented for the excellent work.  This is superior level software.  
Thank you.
From: Registered user
Subject: linux
Hi, I am running your program on Windows and love it. Do you have a linux version? 
web page:

(translated with Google from Spanish)

One is the utility simpler than we are going to find if what we want he 
is so single to trim midi. First it is to lower it (demo is one, if like 
the program you would have to think you about buying the complete version).
1. - We opened midi that we want to cut.
2. - We go to the Menu Modify/Cut part of MIDI
3. - In the window that leaves to us we will have to indicate the option "Realtime"
- In Starttime you have to put the minute, second and millisecond in 
which you want that the MIDI really begins. Enter as format MINUTE:SECOND.MILLISECOND
- In Endtime as you suppose, it is the moment in which must finish. With 
the same format that before.
4. - It is already made, single is to go to File/Save to keep our new melody
Subject: Re: MIDI Polyphony Analyzer
>Does anyone know of an application that will take
>as input a .mid file and report the maximum number
>of notes that are on at a time? It would also be
>nice to know the maximum number of voices in use
>at a time., GNMIDI has a lot of MIDI file analysis and
modification tools, things not commonly included in sequencers.
  GNMIDI is worth it.
From: Demo user
Subject: GNMIDI
I have a demo copy and I'm very impressed!  
Subject: Registration of GNMIDI
From: currently registered user
Thank you for the quick reply ... the logistics of this order went very

I am a novice at working with midi.  We have a player piano from PianoDisk,
and I am using your software to convert from Midi 1 to Midi 0.  Your
interface is particularly easier for us to use.
Subject: GNMIDI Review
Forum: Softseek

GNMIDI is a MIDI file player with a large collection of useful MIDI tools.

The program can change files (or whole directories and their
sub-directories) back and forth between MIDI format 0 and 1.
It can repair corrupt MIDI files, convert from RMI to MIDI, and generate
MIDI medley. GNMIDI can change the volume
of a MIDI file for certain channel or for all channels, easily fading
sections in or out. Copying between units or beats,
exporting parts to a new file, and trimming the mute end of a MIDI song are
all simple tasks.

GNMIDI can translate Karaoke files (KAR) to MIDI with lyrics intact, and
vice versa. It lets you edit track titles, and can
export MIDI information (including lyrics) to a text file or to the Windows
Clipboard. In fact, it can even convert a MIDI file
to ASCII text that you can edit with a word processor and then convert back
to MIDI.

A MIDI "humanize" feature lets you put small timing or key-pressure
variations into a song to make it feel less mechanical.
You can also split programs to generate a track for each used instrument and
separate their notes, or split drum instruments
(drum notes at channel 10) to generate a track for each used drum

GNMIDI allows you to check the natural note ranges of standard instruments,
modify note velocity, stretch note duration,
transpose the notes of specified channels by half notes, and use note
translations tables to replace notes (and optionally their
channel number). It can calculate maximum note polyphony, find and remove
hanging notes, and can even guess chords and
add them as synchronized text events.

If you have ever noticed random side effects when playing MIDI files in
sequence, GNMIDI solves this problem by issuing
sysex device-reset commands and initializing missing MIDI parameters. With
GNMIDI, you can set the tempo (BPM) of a
MIDI song, change its resolution (PPQ), reverse it for backwards play, or
add a secret copyright notice. The program is able
to compress most MIDI files from 10% to 15%, and the result remains standard

Subject: Re: Midi volumes different for different songs - can I make them all the same?
GNMIDI ( is a nice Windows MIDI utility for doing
changes to MIDI files, including proportionate volume changes.
Figuring out what to change the volume to may be tricky, but if you
don't want to use a playlist change to do so, this can work.  Even if
you do use a playlist method like in Van Basco's player, you may want
to permanently remix some files for your own gear.
Subject: Re: MIDI FILES
>Can any one help me I own a casio WK 1800 keyboard on downloading midi
>files from the net only 1 out of 10 work, the rest comes up with the message "err not smf 0"

Midi files come in 3 formats - Type 0 and Type 1 being the most common.
Type 0 files (which it seems your keyboard prefers) have one track containing
data for one or several midi channels to which different instrument patches may be assigned.
Type 1 midi files are multi track - generally carrying data for one channel but not always.

it sounds like you need a sequencer (Cakewalk, Power Tracks or GNMIDI utility) to convert your
downloaded files to Type 1.
Subject: Compliments
From: demo user
I have seen your GNMIDI program at a friends house. I was really amazed.
This seems a very good tool to me, I think the best there is at the 
moment. Compliments for your work!
Forum: Piano World Forums - Synths & Keyboards
Subject: Re: MIDI Type 0 vs. type 1. Conversion??
I use Guenther Nagler's software: GNMIDI. It is quite versatile. A trial version is available from his website.
Subject: Re: Gnmidi owner
From: registered user and beta tester
The new addition to your program is great! It functions exactly the way it 
is suppose to. You have made my life so much easier. Let me know when your 
program is out of the Beta phase so I can recommend your website to others.
Thanks Again
Subject: Thank You
From: registered user
Having used your program for MANY years, I still find it one of the most
useful programs I have.  Thanks for your continuing support.
I will send you a key ring as a way of saying thanks, when I come across one
worthy enough.
Website: help center
Subject: 189: MIDI files - files created in Sibelius do not play on Kawai MIDI devices
In Sibelius 1.4, you cannot change the default resolution used by Sibelius when saving MIDI files, 
but you can use the Windows MIDI program GNMIDI to open and re-save MIDI files with a different 
resolution. You can download GNMIDI here. Note that GNMIDI is not a Sibelius product 
and we cannot offer technical support on its use.
web page:

Synchronizing animation with MIDI audio

You cannot expect any MIDI file to be suitable to synchronize with any 
animation. It may sound obvious (I hope it does), but both music and 
animation attempt to convey a feeling; light or heavy, funny or 
serious,... If the animation and the music do not match, you'd better 
play one without the other. Personally, after selecting an animation 
sequence and a music sequence that go together, I often feel the need to 
"massage" both the animation and the music (but especially the 
animation). Most of the changes that I want to make in a MIDI file is to 
add or remove tempo changes, add volume changes, insert or remove 
silence in the beginning of the file, and insert cue points in the 
marker channel (more on this below). While there are many splendid 
sequencers around, the only tools that I could find and that gave me the 
control that I wanted are the MIDI tools by Günter Nagler
Forum: MIDIBuddy Board
Subject: A good MIDI editing program?
Cakewalk is really good, but if you want a cheap editor to edit existing
files GNMIDI is nice and easy.
Forum: Yahoo! Music Groups
Subject: RE: [Soft Karaoke] Lyric in FolkOk player
If you're talking about a .kar file, you'll have to edit it in a program
like GNMIDI to change the length of the lines.
Subject: GNMIDI is a top product (translated from German)
From: registered user
I work satisfying with your software GNMIDI.
My problems were to play certain MIDI karaoke songs with a special MIDI	player,
that was only working with .kar files. The player works so good that I cannot
omit using it.

With your GNMIDI it was now possible to convert my whole collection of MIDI
files with karaoke text very quickly to .kar files.
And I still have not tried many of the other features of your software.
But I will soon try it step by step.

A top tool, thanks again.

P.S. Why don't you market your software through big software companies like
Steinberg or Emagic? Many musicians would lick their fingers to get a tool
like your GNMIDI.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: delete chords function
I have been using your product for at least 3 yrs and I love it. It has gotten me out of more situations. 
Subject: Re: midi file "cropper"?
>> I'm looking to alter a few midi files I have, I'm looking to cut off
>> the intro or cut off the last minute or so of a file or two.  I don't
>> need the ability to alter the notes or the instruments, just edit some
>> of the files out.  Is there a freeware/shareware program for this?

> Harping (

Compared to GNMIDI, this player is simply not worth the money.
Subject: Re: HOW TO: Convert a .mid to .kar (Midi to Karaoke file)

Well thanx for that good tool - well done that program ! 
Subject: Re: Lyrics
From: registered user
> I'am very satisfied with your great GNMIDI 2.0 program.
> But still I have a question.
> Is possible to PRINT OUT the lyrics?

use File/copy information to copy midi information into clipboard and
print from your text editor (e.g. word, notepad) or use File/edit to
start a notepad editor with the information including lyrics.

updated answer: newer GNMIDI versions contain a print button for lyrics
From: new registered user
Subject: Congratulations
Yesterday I received the CD Rom with your program.
Congratulations for several possibilities to manipulate midi files with this
From: Registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI Registration
The emails had gone to a spam folder and u should have checked that before
contacting you.
The good news is that we have registered the software and are working well
All thanks to your superb customer service and personal assistance
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
Thank you for your fast reply!!
I LOVE your software. I use it with Windows 98 and it
works perfectly.
The Chord Guess feature is great. I am poor at playing
chords without the sheetmusic but your software is
very good at setting the chords in midi songs where
they do not exist. I save the midi in XG works-send to
a floppy and can play right along on my psr2000!!!
So much fun.

I will have alot of enjoyment with all the other
features also as I learn them.
Thank you for all your work and the wonderful software.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI question
I'm really enjoying GNMIDI since I purchased it. Well designed and
extremely useful - well done! I use it for playing backing tracks for my
one man band, and prefer your method of displaying lyrics to that of
VanBasco. However, the Entertainer function seems to always load each
new song in a half window, whereas I would prefer maximised windows or
even full screen. Is there any way to edit GNMIDI.INI to achieve this?
Thanks for a great product,
Subject: Re: Increase volume in midi files
GNMIDI will increase the volumes of the channel, or even of every note in
the song.
Incredibly useful, many times I've done a file much too quiet, by mistake.
Subject: thanks
From: GNMIDI registered user
Thank you for such a great software program. I have spent weeks downloading
midi tools most of which didn't do enough or i didn't understand how to use.
Yours was user friendly and stood out from the rest.
You are great at what you do. Thank you so much.
Subject: Re: GNMIDI: A great tool for midi you case out- (tranlation from Spanish)
It seems to me that the song was that that walked looking for and on which
them I asked the other day. Somebody has its exact name?

The program of  Guenter Nagler GNMIDI allows to publish midi cases out,
which it walked looking for, Caio, you remember? It allows to cut midi 
between two points and many more things, slopes of study. This slapdash 
cut that is sounding I finish it making with him.

Subject: Re: Need program to split MIDI track into multiple tracks
>I need a program to split a single track MIDI song from
>my Casio keyboard in multiple tracks according to channel (instrument)	number.
>Neither an old version of Digital Orchestrator Plus or Cakewalk Express Gold
>seems to have that feature.

 Either should do so, saving as a Type 1 MIDI file (or standard
sequencer file).  But there is a very flexible MIDI tool called GNMIDI
( , Windows, which can do a plethora
of file manipulations and conversions.
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
From: registered user, 66 years old woman with Casio keyboard/digital piano
Additional Information:
GNMIDI will be used to convert files for use on Casio Celviano AP-60R which
uses format 0. Casio in Australia could not provide any information at all
on the process to convert files. It would serve you well to contact them
with details of your program. It has taken me over a month of searching to
find a product such as yours.
Subject: Re: .KAR and SONAR/CUBASE

GNMIDI can change lyric events to text events and vice-versa.

  If you do a lot of work with MIDI files with lyrics, its tools for
changing formats are great.  If you want to use Sonar or Cubase to
work with lyrics -- nice if you want to cut a CD audio track of it
with vocals -- then converting the lyrics to the form best compatible
with it is great.   This is a Windows program.
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDILight3
Thank you for writing a nice piece of software.  I use it to convert a MIDI
file to CSV to process specific edits in Excel and then convert it back to
MIDI.  It does what I need. 
From: registered user
Subject: Thank you
Thank you for your prompt sending of the license for your software. 

I have been trying for years to find a simple converter that would allow
me to use midi files on our Steinway piano. This works, and is very
simple to use.
Subject: Re: Just ordered GNMIDI
> What are the features that you guys are using so much?

For some reason, when I modify a file using Cakewalk (9, don't like Sonar too much...), 
the lyrics refuse to display on my Yamaha. 

Everything is there, but some bug with Cakewalk stops the Yamaha from seeing them.
I tried Sonar and it has the same problem
So, when I have a stock of files which I've tweaked to my liking, I batch
convert them to "midi with Lyrics, format Tune 1000" using GNMIDI. Never
fails ! I also use to convert Kar files (with Text data) to midi files with
Another feature : "trim delay at end of song"..... for some reason, when you
"shorten" a file with Cakewalk, the end remains where it was.... but not visible
in event data or elsewhere. GNMIDI recognizes and remedies this bug too.

That's my favorite features :-)
Subject: Useful Utilites
GNMIDI  Brilliant Midi repair/editor program. Fix midi's, fade in and out,
make medleys etc.
Von: New GNMIDI and GNMIDFMT user
Subject: GNMIDI Piano Disc
Just located the Prepare for Piano Disc!
I will get both programs as they seem wonderfully resourceful!
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration
Thank you for the quick reply.  I am already using the software and I must
say you are a midi genius.  Very easy to use and very powerful.
Subject: Re: Help: kar to midi lyric converter
>Does anyone know of a program to convert .kar files to .mid + lyric
>Alternatively can it be done manually using something like cakewalk ?

GNMIDI ( can do that, it is a nice Windows MIDI
utility program.

 Some .kar files only need to be renamed to .mid, because they
already have lyric events for lyrics (which will show up fine in
Cakewalk's lyric window).  Those which use text events require
conversion, and there is no simple method to do that within Cakewalk.
Manual would mean reentering each lyric event.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration
Thank you, for your software which I received two weeks ago. I love it!

I wish you many successes in your future adventures.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: GNMIDI
let me say that this is the best midi software on the market and I use it all the time. 
Two of the most used sections by me are the synchronizing editor and the harmony channel selection.
It's just a great program. 
web page:

(translated with Google from Spanish)


A very simple utility with which to cut ours melodys in few seconds.
Very very practitioner, no longer you have work with complicated programs.

Subject: Re: Question about your GNMIDI program
From: blind demo user
> midimono sets all balance controllers to value 64 (center).
> Same can be reached in GNMIDI by deleting balance controller 10 (midi
> filter operation).

Thanks for answering and thanks for being kind to the mentally slow.  ;-)

BTW: We intend to purchase GNMIDI and, now that you pointed my to GNMixer, we 
will look at that as well.  We really like GNMIDI cause my wife (she's blind) 
can use so much more of it than almost every other MIDI app out there.  She's 
having so much fun, I probably won't even see her for a few weeks.  ;-)
Subject: Re: nec 808y ringtunes??
> i have i nec 808y on the 3 network. when i connect it to my pc i am
> supposed to be able to upload ringtunes to the handset?

Unfortunately you are probably trying to upload a format 1 midi file or
the file is over the 20kb max find a proggy called GNMIDI from (I think!!)
free to demo download just load the file click on the "0" button and
save as	another filename, or in different directory.
Worked on my e808.
From: professional musician and registered user
Subject: GNMIDI 2.54
I must say that I am very happy with the last version I have.
It's really a time saver.
From: demo user
Subject: Suggest for GNMidi
I'm trying GNMIDI software, it's very nice, compliments!
Subject: GNMIDI: Midi Utilities for Windows (translated from German)
From: PC Praxis Magazine 3/98 page 65 (a German computer magazine)
GNMIDI is called Günter Nagler's finger training for Windows. The program
with simple surface
offers the most important features for all users, who like to play around
with midis, but
don't want to create them self. It can play midi files, convert them and
sometimes even repair.
It shows most important midi information, and finally it can even create a
medley of a list of
midis, to listen to the songs everytime in a sequence.

Screenshot has caption:
Simple surface but superb features. GNMIDI plays MIDI files, converts them
and even creates medleys.

Comment from GNMIDI author:
In 1998 GNMIDI had only few features, it developed to a professional
software package within last years.
Subject: Urgent - Registration
From: demo user
please, how can I do for registration.
Send me details.
thank you.

Go to web page and choose the progducts that you want to order. 
Payment will be done by company Share-it using paypal or credit card or bank transfer.
Subject: Re: sounds
> can you help i have recorded my midifiles onto my mididisk playeri thought
> they sounded okay but when i go to venue and play them they have various
> levels of sound
> is there a way i could equalise them so as they would play at same settings
> on my mididisk

GNMIDI has a volume batch editor.
From: Registered user
Subject: help
Anyway Thanks again for a really fine software title it's a tremendous value
From: demo user
Subject: GNMIDI
I am testing your *excellent* (congratulations!) GNMIDI. 
Subject: Can midi tones adjust louder?
>>>I have an Sonyericsson T610, and I was wondering if there was such a
>>>feature as to adjust the ringer (other than the default max settings)?

>> If you are loading new MIDI files to use as ringtones, the problem may lie
>> with the files themselves. If the "volume" level of the MIDI files is set
>> low, there are ways of adjusting the file before you send it to the mobile
>> but this requires the right software and a certain amount of time, if you
>> are not familiar with MIDI programming

> are there any programs you would suggest?

Subject: Re: mid./kar question
>i have tried to change ext from kar to mid but error code mmsystem281 could
>not be played on media player keeps coming up and icon is for karaoke file
>not midi file

  If you want to work with the lyrics, some files with lyrics use
lyric events, which Cubase will show (in the score view).  Others use
text events, which will show up in the event view, but are hard to
read and edit there.  You can convert from one to the other with a
program like GNMIDI (, Windows).

Subject: GNMIDI license
From: registered user
I really do like your program so very much. I will use it more than any
others that I now have. Once again thank you and God bless.
From: registered user
Subject: cut measures from a midi
Thank you so much!  I love this program!  I play a synthesizer (tyros2 by
Yamaha) as a volunteer at nursing homes and veterns homes.  using midis
allows me to have a huge library right on the screen of my syntersizer.  The
"guess chord" function is the best because I play using lead sheet.  Thank
you again for your help and thanks for this fantastic program...Lucy
Subject: Thanks a lot
From: registered user
This program GNMIDI has been something that I only could imagine, but never
think it could exist. I convinced myself to get the licence since the first 
time I tried it. Thanks for the programs you make. It's working ok.
Subject: "GNMIDI" MIDI Tools & PianoDisc
Forum: Mechanical Music Digest
PianoDisc owners might like to know of a useful addition to the latest
version of Guenter Nagler's GNMIDI Windows software.

The new version, 2.40, has a command in the 'Modify' menu called
'Quantize Pedal Controllers to on/off'.  This enables files recorded
on instruments with graduated pedalling, such as Disklaviers, to be
replayed on PianoDiscs.  GNMIDI already permits bulk modification of
MIDI files for use with PianoDiscs by converting them to type 0 and
inserting the necessary "Grand Piano" command.

Unfortunately, the new command may only be applied one file at
a time and does not appear in the menu until a file has been opened.
None-the-less, the operation only needs to be carried out once and
the results are very satisfactory.

GNMIDI is available from
Subject: GNMIDI
From: finally registered user
Hello Sir.
   Many thanks for your prompt email containing my registration information. 
I have downloaded the Demo version of your software on three seperate 
occations but never got round to registering it. May I complement you on such a superb 
collection of utilities, anything that cannot now be done with a midi file is 
surely not worth doing !
Many thanks
Subject: GNMIDI
From: registered user
I use GNMIDI almost every day and have found it to be better than most
other MIDI Programs.
Forum: Softkaraoke discussions
Subject: GNMIDI, a very powerful MIDI Tool...
You might have encountered similar problem like me:
When I used RealOrch to convert ST3 into KAR files for some reasons 
the generated file is so corrupt that none of my MIDI players can 
recognize it. But I could restore those invalid files by using 
GNMIDI's Repair function. It's great!

There are much more features in GNMIDI. It's worth to have a look in 
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: registered user
Everything is working great!  Your application is the best one I have tried
yet.  It is perfect for what I need to do. I especially like the cut, fade,
and shift notes (works without messing up drums) features.
Subject: Re: Midi Preparation (translated from German)
Newsgroup: z-netz.alt.musiker.midi
> I want prepare Midi's, load midi styles into PC and modify with a program, 
> e.g. assign new sounds
> Who knows a simple program that can do this without difficulties.

There is a superb program from G. Nagler for  preparing midi files.
It doesn't cost much and is surely satisfying for your needs.
You can find the demo at following homepage, it is called GNMIDI
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI Karaoke Editor
Please let me congratulate you on having the best MIDI Karaoke editor

Many thanks on an outstanding piece of software!
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: GNMIDI Entertainment player
GNMIDI has been running the entertainer continuously for a week now and has played 1882 files so far.  
I think the test is a success.  
I'm going to let it continue until it gets to the end of the playlist and will update you with the final count.

updated later: Over 3800 files played.  I'm going to stop counting.   Thanks for a great product!
Yes, you can. A lot of sequencing programs allow you to choose the file
format as part of the "Save as" operation. Sometimes, as in Cakewalk,
you will find this under "Options" in the "Save" or "Save As" dialog
box. So opening the file using your sequencing program and saving in the
desired format is one method of converting formats.
There are also utilities that will translate between MIDI file formats
for you. One of these (GNMIDI - which does FAR MORE than file format
conversion) can be found at the excellent Günter Nagler's MIDI Utilities
site which is full of "small" but great utilities for MIDI fans. 

Additional information from GNMIDI author about this topic:
The Windows software GNMIDI and GNMIDFMT can do this conversion comfortably.
GNMIDFMT - can convert single files and more selected files of one folder at once.
GNMIDI - can convert single files or all midi files of a folder tree at once and 
GNMIDI has many other operations.
From: new registered user and musician with an urgent gig
Subject: GNMidi Needed ASAP
I have used the demo of GNMIDI for 5 days and am very impressed.  
I need it urgently for a gig that is coming up in a couple of days.  
I assumed the order would be an online registration code to unlock 
the software, but it seems it is a physical CD-ROM?

Is there any way to get the software working with a code, as I have 
a show in a couple of days for which I was hoping to use GNMIDI.

Remark by author: GNMIDI orders are done online at . GNMIDI 3 licenses are delivered by email only. No cdrom included. 
Subject: Re: Need SMF0 Format
> I have a new Casio CTK811 (w/ disk drive) and need a software
> program that will allow saving and loading of MIDI SMF0 format.
> it seems when I download a MIDI song from the 'net, the synth says
> it is not SMF0.

Most files downloaded from the net are in SMF Type 1 or multitrack--to
convert them to Type 0-single track you can use software like Cakewalk
Express or Dr. Nagler's GNMIDI (cool little tool to have anyway).
From: registered user
Subject: Received CD
Dear Sir,  I received the CD in good order (the first CD with my name on it) and 
start to get a little bit used to the program. My main concern 
for using the software was to convert from midi 1 to 0, because that is 
what Casio requires through its floppy drive and controller.  

Anyway thanks for the excellent program and hope that many musicians 
will buy your easy to use software.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI order
The main reason to pay the license of GNMIDI is the KARAOKE editor, after I
searched the web and analyzed some, it seemed to me this one is the best,
given the cost. 

Besides the KAR editor, GNMIDI has lots of options not easily available in
more expensive MIDI editors. It is only that there are too many features and
I am not familiar with the program yet.
Forum: Faqz Unofficial Faqz Cakewalk Karaoke -- New added links
Subject: New added links
Where can I find information on writting midi programs for use with soundblaster live?   

Find chords in a midi file
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: registered user
just wanted to let you know that i searched for days before i found your software.  
it is EXACTLY what i needed, and i am enjoying it immensely.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: registered user since 6 months
I am one of your active users of your programme
and I must say after six months, this has given me
lots of support in terms of handling midi files.
Subject: Re: MIDI Format?!?
> what kind of programs keybords do you need for .svd (or is it .svg)
> files and how do you convert them to .mid format?

Goto and ask Dr. Nagler--he's the expert.

(Dr. Nagler's answer: unfortunately I don't know what .svd or .svg files are)
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: new registered user
Great program! - You must be very proud.
Thank you
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
By the way, I really like your software.  I have only been playing
keyboard for less than one year and your program lets me take my midi
files and edit them to a much improved state.  My wife says it sounds as
if I have been playing for a much longer time when she listens to the
edited midi files.  I have only had the software for a few days but am
really looking forward to exploring all of its features.

I am recording off of a Yamaha DGX-500.  It will only save the files in
a midi 0 format, so I immediately lose any drum tracks when I move them
to the computer.  Also, since I have not been playing long, my tempo is
not right on the mark.

With your program I convert to midi 1 format and separate the tracks.  I
can then move the drum sounds to channel 10 so that I can hear them on
the computer.  I use the volume operations to adjust the volume on each
track to an appropriate level.  After that, I use the tempo operations
to smooth out the tempo of the recording.  I then play with the sound
operations to see what the song sounds like using different instruments
to achieve (to my ear) the most pleasing results.  

Feel free to put these comments on your web site if you wish.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI floppy disk
Thank you for GNMIDI, it's a great program....!
Today, the floppy disk is arrived, the license file was installed on my
computer and everything runs perfect.
Subject: GNMIDI order (translated from German)
From: new user
Very good software, especially analyze chords.
Subject: Re: Cakewalk-Help-text and lyrics
Forum: Cakewalk
> Songs with text events won't show in the lyrics view. How can I change text
> events to lyric events so that they will? Thanks.

Try with GNMIDI
From: registered Disklavier/PianoDisc Technician
Subject: RE: Registration code
Thank You, Günter, for your fast attention, I successfully upgraded GNMIDI
and I really like your program.
From: Registered user
it is a great program that I have much pleasure from.
Subject: GNMIDI Registration?
thanks - i forgot there was a cdrom somewhere - I'll look around for it -

Your program is very useful for transcribing unmetered midi input into notation programs - 
making irrational bar lengths fit a measured barline structure requires changing the underlying tempo (i'm sure you're aware of all this).  

It's not known by very many people that midi files contain an underlying absolute tempo that's unchangeable - 
until you try to make real-time improvised notation look rational in Sibelius or Finale ... it's a great tool - 
web page:

Recommendation for Midi Players, Editors and Sequencers 

Program | Feature		GNMIDI 2.32

Opens defective midi files	Yes. Can Repair*
Display File Information	Yes
Display Score			No
Display Lyrics			Yes
Load from association		Yes
Allow change Port		Yes
Make lists			No
Create, modify etc.		Special Effects*

This table contains personal appreciation, I don't intend to make publicity to anyone. 
Useful to choose easiest what player/editor to use, depend of what you are interest for. 
What is market with "*" means that the respective program is best for that feature. 

(this is only the row about GNMIDI, the table compared many more MIDI software players)
Subject: GNMIDI Questions
From: demo user
I played with GNMIDI demo a few minutes last night... mainly with the Chord

I think the Chord Guesser is an excellent feature of your program as I have
not seen anything like it elsewhere.
Subject: new user
From: registered user
Dear Gunter,
I am very pleased with GNMIDI I use a Solton X1 and Ketron SD1 and find 
the chord analyser very good.
From: registered user
Subject: adding lyrics to a MIDI file
As you're probably aware I've recently spent some time figuring out how to
add lyrics to a MIDI and thought I would put together the following to help
others get started.  Please let me know if you have any comments.

Paul Johnson's guide to adding lyrics to a MIDI file




Because there are a wide variety of songs there are different ways to add
lyrics to a MIDI.  I'm going to go through a fairly general process for
adding lyrics to a MIDI which has no lyrics.  You may want to alter the
process to suit different songs and your individual preferences.  I've only
started trying this out a week ago and I've only done a couple of songs so
it's easily possibly I may have missed some obvious efficiencies.




Once you've found a MIDI that you like I recommend first listening to it a
few times.  I've been using the VanBasco Karaoke Player because it displays
the different channels.  This is available for free at




Step 1:  Determine the Melody channel


You'll need to determine which channel carries the melody.  Play the MIDI
using the VanBasco Karaoke Player.  Watch the lower left MIDI Output screen.
If the MIDI only has one channel take note of the channel number.  The top
channel is channel 1 and the bottom channel is channel 16.  If the MIDI has
different channels click the little red boxes in the MIDI Output screen to
the far left of each channel to turn the channels on and off until you only
have one channel playing which has the melody to which the words are sung.
Take note of this channel number.  In the rare case where you need two
channels for the lyrics you'll need to repeat this whole process for each
channel which carries the melody.


Additional help can be found in the VanBasco Karaoke Player Help menu.




Step 2:  Run GNMIDI


I've been using GNMIDI to add lyrics.  This is available for $30 at  Install GNMIDI.  Run GNMIDI.




Step 3:  Slow down the GNMIDI lyrics editors slow play speed (optional)


The GNMIDI lyrics editors run at a normal speed and at a slow speed.  The
following adjusts the speed of the slow speed.  The normal speed is 100 and
the default slow speed is 60.  The following slows this down even further.
You can change this for different songs depending on the tempo of the song
and the complexity of the lyrics.


Quit GNMIDI.  In your Windows directory (usually C:\Windows\) find the file
GNMIDI.INI and open this for editing using an editor such as Notepad or
Wordpad.  Find the line "[Settings]"  Add a new line below this
"KaraokeEditSlowPercent=40" (without the quotes).  If you wanted to go even
more slowly, instead of 40 you could set it to, for example, 20.  Run




Step 4:  Use the GNMIDI Synchronizing editor (optional)


GNMIDI has two ways to add lyrics, the Synchronizing editor which places
entire lines at a time coarsely into a MIDI and the Karaoke editor which
places individual syllables finely with each note.  In many cases it's
advantageous to make a rough placement of the lyrics first.  For example,
sometimes when you find lyrics a refrain may be repeated but it may only be
listed in the lyrics once.  With the Synchronizing editor it's very easy to
check for situations such as this and add entire refrains.  This is more
difficult in the Karaoke editor.  Try to do a search at and
search using the word "lyrics" and the title of the song to try to find the
lyrics to your song.  Once you've found a website with suitable lyrics copy
these lyrics by selecting the lyrics on the website and then right click 
and select copy.


Open the MIDI file in GNMIDI:  select File -> Open and select the MIDI.  A
screen is brought up with information about the MIDI.  Right click in the
middle of this screen.  Set the Melody Channel to the channel noted in step
1.  You'll notice that this gets added to the screen.  Select Modify ->
Synchronizing editor.  Paste in the lyrics:  Right click -> Paste.  In
general the lyrics should not extend more than one third to one half of the
way across the Song Text box.  If they do they should be broken down into
smaller lines.  Select OK.  You're now in the Synchronizing editor.  To the
left of each line it should say "REC" followed by some dashes.  This means
that you can set the time of these lines.


I normally like to use the mouse when working on a computer but for the
following it's advantageous to use the keyboard keys.  You may want to read
through this entire paragraph and be familiar with the keys before you do
any of the following.  Press the F3 keyboard function key to start.  When
the melody reaches the first syllable of the first lyric line press F5.  If
you make a mistake press F6.  You can continue to press F6 to undo as many
mistakes as you've made.  Select the slow speed if the melody is too fast to
accurately determine the placement of the lyrics.  Redo Step 3 if you would
like to change the speed of the slow speed.  Select Part and then All if
youwould like to redo all of the lyrics or select a portion of the lyrics
and then select Part to redo a portion of the lyrics.  Press F1 for further
help but note that the option Part is covered under the description for
option Range in the help page.  Select OK when you're happy with what you
have.  If you're only interested in course line at a time placement of the
lyrics select File -> Save As and you're done.




Step 5:  Use the GNMIDI Karaoke editor (optional)


Use this editor if you want to accurately place individual words and
syllables within the MIDI.  If you've skipped Step 4 open the file and set
the Melody Channel as described in Step 4.  Select Modify -> Karaoke editor.
This defaults to the Melody channel you've set.  If lyrics are present you
have the option of removing them.  Select OK.  If there are no lyrics you'll
now see a Song text screen where you can paste in the lyrics:  Right click
-> Paste.  In general the lyrics should not extend more than one third to
one half of the way across the Song Text box.  If they do they should be
broken down into smaller lines.  Select OK.  You're now in the Karaoke


Lines of lyrics are designated or terminated with a "<line>".  Stanzas or
paragraphs of lyrics are designated or terminated with a "<par>".  If you've
done Step 4 or if the MIDI had existing lyrics the <line>s will be locked to
prevent changing the position of existing lyrics and I find it easiest at
this point to unlock all of the <line>s by going through all of the lyrics
and click on the red keys to the left of each of the <line>s or <par>s to
turn off locking.  Note that in addition to using the scroll bar you can
scroll through the lyrics with the scroll wheel of your mouse or the Page Up
and Page Down keys.  If you don't have a scroll wheel this is a valuable
feature if you plan to do much editing with the Karaoke editor.


Select the normal button to change it to Slow if you want to play the slow
speed.  Select play to start and the MIDI starts playing at the top of the


Select stop to stop the MIDI at the first note where lyrics are sung.  Note
the time to the left.  Now find the first word to be sung and highlight it
by clicking on it with the mouse.  If you have a long musical interlude
before the first note is sung you'll see the advantage of Step 4.  Press F6
to move the word down the song or F5 to move the word up the song to the
note whose time you've noted.  Scroll up a bit using the scroll wheel on
your mouse or scroll bar on the screen, select play and check your work.


I find that by far most of the time I'm moving lyrics down and the most
convenient way to use the Karaoke editor is to keep my right hand on my
mouse and the index finger of my left hand on the F6 function key.


If the word has multiple syllables that are sung on different notes select
the word to highlight it then select between the syllables to position the
mouse cursor (the flashing vertical bar) between the syllables, then press
F7 to split the syllables.  For example, say you want to split the word
"decided" because the "de" is sung on a different note than the "ci" which
is sung on a different note than the "ded".  Select the word "decided" by
clicking on it and position the mouse cursor between the "e" and the "c" and
click the mouse.  You should see a flashing vertical bar between the "e" and
the "c".  Now press F7 and the word will be split.  Repeat the process to
split "ci" from "ded".  Note that in general syllables sung start with a
consonant and end with a vowel.


The lyrics should not extend beyond about half way in the lyrics window.  If
it does highlight the last word or syllable in the line and select Line.
This adds a <line> below the word.  If this is the end of a stanza or
paragraph of lyrics select Paragraph instead.


Repeat this process until each syllable is properly placed.  Select Save
when you're done.


Press F1 for further help on any of the above or for the other features of
this screen.


When you've completed this select File -> Save as.


Now go back to the VanBasco player, sit back and SING!

Addition from GNMIDI author: since GNMIDI 2.48 <line> and <par> don't exist anymore in 
this way. The paragraph and line end are now single character symbols that are behind 
last character of the text line inside same field (not anymore in a new field).
Adding line and par works still same. The new display makes it easier to move text line 
 together with par or line symbol.
From: Registered blind GNMIDI user
Subject: order of GNMIDI software
I have very good experience with workink with GNMIDI and jaws for blind. 
I can access all functions by key strokes.
From: blind user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
I would also like to tell you that I find your program quite accessible
from the keyboard. I am blind and use a screen reader, so this is very
important to me. I scan sheet music with optical music recognition
software, SharpEye2, then name the tracks of the midi file and edit them
with your GNMIDI in preparation for putting them into Braille with the
GOODFEEL Braille music translation program produced by Dancing Dots. 

You can safely tell the blind people that GNMIDI is entirely usable with
screen readers, all of the functions can be activated from the menu or from
the dialog boxes.

have already given information about it to my fellow users of the GOODFEEL
Braille music translator.
Subject: Re: Convert MIDI Type 1 to Type 0 for Yamaha DGX500
>> There are about a zillion programs out there that convert from Type 1 to
>> Type 0, and I've tried them all.  But they all suffer from the same
>> fundamental flaw: namely, they blindly map all treble clef staves (for both
>> the left and right hand) into a single treble clef stave.  This process is
>> repeated for the base clef as well.  The result is a jumbling of the left
>> and right hands that makes the converted file unusable as a learning aid on the
>> DGX series of keyboards. 
  GNMIDI ( is the best general MIDI file utility
around.  It can do far more than just converting type 0 to 1 and back.

  But those files which have left/right hand separation for piano and
keyboard parts, in general, use two channels for that.  The file must
be arranged from the start for the play-along requirements of the

  Most sequences you'll find aren't arranged like that.  In fact, for
a lot of the very good piano tracks out there, the piano is done on a
single channel from live play.

  In order to get the arrangement you want, you are going to need to
manually edit the file in your MIDI sequencer first.  Figure out the
channel or channels which contain the lead keyboard parts.  Separate
them onto two channels.  

  Check out what the DGX500 requires for its MIDI arrangement for this
functionality.  Then make your files conform with it.

  The standard MIDI file format (.mid files) has no requirements about
what instrument types or parts go on what channels.  Nor do most
synths.  Yamaha spelled out its own recommendations for part
assignment, but even people who use Yamaha synths don't always follow

  So the only solution is a non-automatic, listen to the file and pick
the parts apart.

  GNMIDI does have a useful tool to separate one channel into two (or
more) based on note numbers.  This will let you separate left and
right hands, but will do it by *note* range.  

  The only way to get a true two-hand piece where left and right hands
overlap in note range is to separate the parts manually.  Most likely,
when entering them -- the way most teaching files are made.
Subject: Very talented
From: musician, composer, producer, demo user and maybe soon registered user
    You are a very talented being. I enjoyed listening to several of
your original pieces.

    I also downloaded your GNMIDI file. It works great. I have a friend
who owns a Technics keyboard. It reads Technics formats and SMF GM midi
file 0 formats. It also has the capability to play Technics format
karaoke files and display the words. A typical karaoke disk costs him
$25.oo USD with 8 to 10 songs. And the technics library is limited.
However  the keyboard will not read a standard karaoke file downloaded
from the net. So I searched the net and found your site. I converted
several midi files from .KAR to Midi 0 and popped them into his
Technics. They worked great. My friend was very impressed. Needless to
say you will have some future customers knocking on your doorstep.
From: Registered user
Subject: Re: No lyrics
The great thing with GNMIDI is that there are many ways to diagnose and fix any problems.

From: brand new user
Subject: GNMIDI
Thank you for the wonderful GNMIDI  program!  I am a brand new user.
Subject: Award
We really like your site!

Only the best sites are able to be included in our highly selective Best of the
Web directory. As a featured site, you qualify for the Starting Page Selection

 Great site!  Keep up the good work, and keep having fun!
From: registered user
Subject: ordering GNMIDI
>      I am a musician that was looking for such a product like yours
> for ages!!! I am thrilled to find that a genius person like you Sir
> have had the inspiration to create such a wonderful piece of
> programing!

I do really appreciate your quick reply! You've made me a very happy man!
I will be your customer forever!!!! Keep up the good work!! it is great!
Forum: chat forum
Subject: Re: Sib. 4.x: Exporting Midi
Joey Jojo Shabadoo Junior wrote:
> Is there any program that any of you know of that will increase the midi resolution
> back up to 480 PPQ?

On Windows, you can use GNMIDI for this, though it's not free. See for more information.
Subject: GNMIDI order
From: registered user
I like your software a lot. I have looked for this type of music software
for almost 3 years yours is the only one that suit my need much more than 
cakework pro9.
From: Demo user who registered later
Subject: Basic Info
    Last night I had downloaded 2.38 of GNMIDI, it really seems
to have all the features I'd want and I'd like to buy it.  I'm not a
musician but my wife likes to sing and she does so, using MIDI files.  I
tried to test it by changing the tempo of one of our 37K MIDI files.
When I tried to resave it as another file after making the change, it
would only save 33K of it.  Was this only due to the fact that I'm using
an evaluation copy or is there a fixed limit  to file size?  Will that
limit go away with the purchase of a registration?   

Answer from GNMIDI author:
No this has nothing to do with demo or full version, they are both identical.

The most usual reason that a file is smaller than original midi file
after saving with GNMIDI is that GNMIDI uses by default (and that is
recommended for all newer keyboards and soundcards) compression.
The musical content remains identical to saving without compression
only the data is stored more compact and therefore saving space.

You can uncheck this compression option in menu and you will see that
the file will then be much bigger.
Only if your midi device does not accept files with this compression
then it is useful to turn off the option, but today this is a standard
midi file method that all devices should support.

Other reason might be if the original file contains garbage at end of
midi file then the garbage is surely gone after saving with midi.
Use GNMIDI check midi file operation to check and repair the original
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
its good your software
Subject: Upgrade
From: registered user
It works great. Thank you very very much for such a wonderful product and such good service.
From: registered user
Subject: Thank You
You are a genius!!!
Subject: Re: Help I lost it!

> HI, Awhile back someone suggested a midi program that he or she said no one
> should  be without. I downloaded it  and liked it a lot. The problem is it was
> a 5 day trial and when I got back from vacation it had disappeared from
> computer.
> What the program did was when you loaded a midi file into it it gave you all
> the chords for that song among other things, which for a beginner like me was
> great.
> I searched back in the group but I couldn'd find it. Anyone know what it was?
> Sorry I don't have anymore info!

From: Registered user
Subject: Re: Reset device
I just wanted to let you know that i am using GNMIDI for karaoke videos on youtube cause of the chords showing and people seem to like them a lot.
Keep up the great work
Subject: upgrade to v. 2.28
From: registered user
As a previously registered user, how do I upgrade v. 2.17 to your current
version, 2.28. I am impressed that conversion of .kar to tune 1000 format
is perfect. I had written you some time ago to address this issue, and you 
have now made the conversion work wonderfully.

Thank you for your work.

Answer from GNMIDI author:
good news for you, you are also automatically registered to v2.28 and all
future upgrades till 2.99 once you have registered GNMIDI.
Simply download current demo from and install
it over the old version. If you install it in a new folder then you need
to reinstall your GNMIDI license.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration
I thought you would have liked to have some feedback.

I have got the CD envelope yesterday in perfect shape, and the software 
is running without trouble.

I'm certainly going to have great fun with it.
Subject: Re: Easy Midi edit tool
> I use Anvil at the moment, it works perfect. Except I can't find the option
> to delete a part of the midi. Anvil can only delete from the selected point
> to the start or end.
> What should I use to edit midis?

Goto coolest little midi tool out there and very 
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
GNMIDI is just great for me! I use it to modify songs
I perform with on my  Yamaha PSR 340 MIDI keyboard. At
last I can perform without having to have to worry
about 3 or 4 other musicians. With your software I can
add musicians by editing out the MIDI parts when I
have other players with me, but I really love playing "solo" 
Subject: Re: How to import the text of Karaoke files
Forum: cakewalk.beginners
> Karaoke files (.KAR) can be imported into Cakewalk but the song text do
> show up.
> Is there a way to import also the text.

Only Lyric events can be displayed in the Lyrics View in Cakewalk. .KAR
files contain text events.
You will need to convert the text events into lyric events.

Get GNMIDI from the following site:
It will convert text to lyrics and back

Cakewalk Technical Support
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
Thank you very much Mr. Nagler
It's an amazing program.
Subject: Copyright
> how do I put a copyright notice in my midi files ?

With Cakewalk and similar software, there is an Info chocie on the menu and
you simply call it up and type the text in the text box.
GNMIDI by Dr. Nagler at will allow you to insert a
secret copyright as well. Many commercial midis now published contain copyright
text info in the actual code data of which I will say no more.

Answer from GNMIDI author:
     GNMIDI has insert copyright operation and insert secret copyright
operation, try "(c)" tool buttons in demo
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI order
I REALLY appreciate your efforts, and I really do love the program.
Subject: .mid to .kar conversion tips
>> I'm putting together an eartraining and music theory book online, in webpage
>> form using midi files and I need some of the exercises to pop-up as .kar
>> files, and play in the QuickTime plugin. So far, I've had no luck converting
>> my Sonar midi files to .kar. I've tried a dozen different programs, but I
>> end up starting from scratch with the lyrics and then they don't display in
>> Quicktime.
>> I tried out Noteworthy and QT still doesn't see the lyric track. I'll
>> do some more research at the Apple site.
>> WinKaraoke Creator doesn't format it right either. 

> Try this nice Windows utility:  GNMIDI
> Simple and quite excellent tools to help discover issues or fix problems.  I 
> use them frequently.

Thanks. The solution was using GMMIDI to convert the midi
lyrics track, which cakewalk puts on the melody track, to a separate "words"
track. The karaoke file must be a format 1 file (logical tracks- single
ch/track) Track 1(no ch) Tempotrack, Track2 (no ch) "soft karaoke", Track 3
(no ch) "words" and Track 4 and so forth are set to channels 1-16 with
patches assigned, as in GM.
Subject: Re: Alesis SR-16 help needed
> I have various drum voice notes assigned to the 4 audio outputs on my	SR-16.
> For example I have the kick sent to Main Left, the Snare to Main right. I
> then have my toms sent out thru aux left and all my cymbals thru the aux
> right. Now then, when I play the actual rubber pads on the machine itself
> all is fine, the proper voices are sent out through the proper outputs.
> However when I play a midi file with drum tracks everything comes through
> the main outs. I have tried changing the note number and various voice
> assignments but with no luck. Could anyone offer any suggestions??

The midi application and the internal chip function are not compatible.
This is common on many keyboards with internal rhythms.
Try this:  use a program like GNMIDI from to split your
drums to separate tracks.  Then assign each drum track a channel.  Then set up
the Alesis to receive the channels and see if you can assign the each
channel/drum to a different audio out using the internal drum machine controls.
If you have Cakewalk, it also can use a CAL program to split drums to
tracks in the later versions of Cakewalk.
Subject: Re: Midi volume help please
And GNMIDI, I bought some years back ! Great programme, use it quite
alot.... it corrects loads of little bugs between Cakewalk and my Yamaha.
There's a new version just out recently, free download if you have the
Subject: GNMIDI registration
From: registered user
I was delighted to receive such a quick response. I only ordered GNMIDI last
night. I have already used the programme and it is "worth it's weight in gold"

Kind regards
Subject: Re: Is there a tool to determine how many poly a midi file needs?

It is one of the many features of GNMIDI -

> I am doing some research and was wondering if there was a program that you
> could load into such a tool that would tell you how many poly this
> particular midi needs so it is played correctly.
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI download
I seem to be using your program lately more than 
I have previously; especially to check midi files for errors etc.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: Midi Software
I've just been playing around with GNMIDI - really impressed with how easy it is to use for adding lyrics.
Subject: GNMIDI Demo
From: demo user
I am happy to inform you that,in present i am using your GNMIDI (Demo Version) software.
It solves all of my problems. So many many thank you for making such a useful software.
Now i need to buy it's full version, so please inform me how could i buy it.

Simply visit and click on the link to order product GNMIDI.
Pay using paypal or credit card or bank transfer.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
i'm very happy for GNMIDI - it's a wonderful program :-)
From: registered user
Subject: display chords in Cakewalk
One of the reasons I bought your wonderful program, was the capability to
guess the chords and to create  (in Sonar / Cakewalk) a new track with the
guessed chords.
This function works very good!!!
But When I open the new track in Cakewalk in any of the views, I do not see
the chord names. Only in the "Event List View" I can clearly see the chord
names, but how can I make them visible in the other views (score view,
lyric view etc.)

Until now I used an option in Cakewalk itself to analyse each chord. That
take hours of time and your program fit this job in seconds!!!!!!! That
saves lots and lots of my time.
But again, how can I make the chords visible in Cakewalk?

Answer of GNMIDI author:
Select chord text format "lyrics" at GNMIDI chord guessing because
Cakewalk displays text that is stored as "lyric" events.
Use [...] or "..." format so that the chords names are easy to
distinguish from other lyrics. For format 1 files I don't know if
Cakewalk can display the lyrics chord, so maybe you need to change to
format 0 that the lyrics are merged in one track.
Subject: Re: MIDI GM patches out of range that sound good?
By the way, your GNMIDI is still the best little tool for Midi around at any
price--I recommend it heartily to anyone who really wants to experiment
around in midi and develop their creative talents.  Or simply take the work
out of a lot of midi operations.
I never post midis because when I get through with them for my work, they
only sound the way I want them on my gear and you are right, they are not
good things to post.  But mine is mostly original stuff or somebody else's
original for demos, movies scores, etc.
MIDI is an extraordinary creative tool and those of us using it owe a lot to
the prpgramming efforts of midi experts like you--keep up the good work.
From: GNMIDI3 Demo user
Subject: Re: Batch extract only channel 10 drum tracks from song midi files
It's works perfectly, I'm definitely going the purchase GNMIDI pro, the 
search midi instrument name feature is worth the price alone.

I'm going to use the program for batch converting a huge collection of midi 
songs to 4 or 8 bars drum midi loops for use in Toontrack superior drummers user midi library.
It works perfect with the midi filter option (the method you described)and 
I'm experimenting with the "copy part of midi file" to batch make 4 or 
8 bar drum loops.

Thank you for making the program
Subject: Re: .KAR and SONAR/CUBASE

GNMIDI can change lyric events to text events and vice-versa.

  If you do a lot of work with MIDI files with lyrics, its tools for
changing formats are great.  If you want to use Sonar or Cubase to
work with lyrics -- nice if you want to cut a CD audio track of it
with vocals -- then converting the lyrics to the form best compatible
with it is great.   This is a Windows program.
From: registered user
Subject: reinstall
I would like to take this opportunity to say that GNMIDI has been very helpful 
and has save me many hours of work. Congratulations!
Subject: midi programs
No, these aren't the same program. Guenter's programs seem to have a couple
additional options.

What a cool site! There's a whole whack of midi utilities, ideal for
consummate midi hackers.

Thanks for the lead!
Subject: Re: event list not showing all events
Forum: Cakewalk list
> I quite new at this midi stuff, but I was a s/w engr. before retiring. I'd like to
> have a bit more control over these midi files. Is there more of a midi file editor I
> could be using...perhaps a hex editor?

You can convert a MIDI file to text; edit it and then convert it back to MIDI. 
Go to Günter Nagler site at I think he has what you are 
looking for.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: GNMIDI functions
Thank you!  A very good program and very good service.
From: blind VIBUG member
Subject: Can't extract the newest GNMIDI
I'm trying to download the newest version of GNMIDI either from Canada or 
Austria. In both cases I've not been able to extract the zip files. The one 
from Canada doesn't unzip at all, the one from Austria will extract some of 
the files. I hope this problem can be fixed soon. 
By the way, I am planning to demonstrate GNMIDI to VIBUG ( Visually Impaired 
and Blind User Group) here in Boston. I find it to be a very accessible 
program to use with a screen reader and I want to thank you for that. 

Comment from author:
Usually the GNMIDI download works well from both sites, if you have difficulties
to download the demo then ask to send the demo by email (transfer size 
will be larger than direct download due to mail encoding).
From: registered user
Subject: Many thanks...
I have been using "GNMIDI" for 2 years now,
and have found the program to be the most useful one
for editing and converting midi & kar files.
So, I would just like to say "thank you, and happy easter"..
Please continue all your good work, best wishes,
Subject: Re: What is the best midi only sequencer software?
I use both Cakwalk and Powertracks plus that cool little software GNMIDI
from Dr. Nagler (you just gotta have this bad boy if you do a lot of midi). 
I also use Roland and have the GSAE editor which
replaces setup measures and allows all the parameters of the Sound Canvas
line to be edited and cut and pasted in a mouse click to Cakewalk. 
I use PT live because the Big Lyrics Window is better and
Cakewalk will stumble at the worst possible time.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration ...
Thank you for your help and insight.  I am very happy that your software
does what I need it to do (convert MIDI files and lyrics synchronization).
Subject: Midi tools
Even more tools you get in the GNMIDI program by Günter Nagler.
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: registered user
Thank you. Your program is wonderful. I have convinced two other persons 
to purchase it, as well.
It does everything I did in Cakewalk, other than it does not have the 
"Pianoroll View", which is good for editing..
My use is to work with scanned Piano and Organ Rolls. As scanned, they 
are .mid but are arranged according to the tracker Bar of the intended 
instrument. I, and others, use the scanned file and GNMIDI to remap all
the notes to our own instruments; often changing the number of tracks 
and channels. GNMIDI is wonderful for that purpose, using a .rpl file in 
"Note Changing" operations.
Thanks very much for a fantastic program.
Subject: Re: midifiles/karaoke
Forum: yamaha-psr-styles
> my sequencer still comes up with the message "error opening file".
> I enclose a couple for you to try if you would be so kind,
> I,ve changed "Chapel of Love" to extension, "MID" but I get the
> same response.

Hey I found a program that opens Kar files AND shows the lyrics.
GNMIDI by our friend Guenter Nagler. It's a 36 Euro software with a
host of things you can do to midifiles, including reading Karaoke lyrics.
And convert any midi file to any format, even rmi to mid, kar to mid.
You can check out the completely workable demo at Guenter's site.

P.S.: It even showed me the lyrics on your converted Chapel of love file.
Check it out.
web page:

GNMIDI Karaoke editor/sequencer

Midi sequencer and editor with great karaoke functions such as 
converting between kar, st3 and midi with lyric file types. Demo.
Subject: Re: REQ: file MIDI 0 to MIDI 1
>I'm looking for a free utility to convert file MIDI format 0 to format 1

  For Windows, DOS, or UNIX, try this site:

GNMIDI is a useful Windows program to deal with
conversions between the various MIDI and lyric formats.  It is
available at Guenter Nagler's page,, along with a
number of other MIDI tools and files.
From: brand new registered user
Subject: New Customer
I have just downloaded the demo of GNMIDI, and tried it. I immediately 
placed my order to register/purchase this program. I am a professional 
musician who uses midi files. I just converted to a new synthesizer and 
my old midi files sound very weak on the new machine. The problem was 
the volume levels. I have been trying to increase the volume of my 
hundreds of old files, one by one. Since there are many multiple volume 
changes, in each track, this is a time consuming, laborious process. 
Your software, with it's "set midi's to a common volume level" feature 
and batching feature, is going to save me weeks of effort. What a great 
product. I have an internet club for musicians and one of my members, 
told me about GNMIDI. You can bet I will be singing it's praises 
in my club and at it's web site and my web sites.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration ...
Success now that I have managed to open the tool on a different computer! I
have tried GNMIDI today and it is marvellous, the notes transposition
feature and mute channel particularly. 

Subject: Display chord names in MIDI Files?
The holy grail has been found!!  I've solved it - Using a combination 
of GNMIDI and a program called Serenade (both purchased products) 
I can now create Midi files that trace the lyrics as the song 
plays as well as show the chord at the bottom of the screen (external 
monitor on the MidJay).  Here's how to do it:

Load a Midi file into GNMIDI and analyze it to guess the chords (here's 
the important bit).  Change the Chord Text Format to WordBox Sysex and 
select the chord format {Cm} - with curly brackets.

Save the song as a midi file.  Then open it in Serenade - get the lyrics 
off the net and paste them into the editor window at the top.  Play the 
song and use the CTRL key to highlight the words as it plays.  Save this 
Midi file again and copy it to the MidJay. 

Now when you play you get the lyrics highlighted in the main screen and 
the chords should show at the bottom.  

It hasn't worked for every Midi file - for some odd reason - sometimes I 
only get the chords and no lyrics - but it does work for 75% or so.

Theoretically this should work for any of the keyboards that have a 
large display that show lyrics etc Yamaha, Korg and Roland do a few of 
them I'm sure.

Seems that the chords are stored in Sysex. 
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI Problem
Hi Gunter:
     Thank you as always for your quick reply and help. I only
wish all software developers gave the type of support you have.
I really do appreciate it.
     I was under the mistaken belief that I had a version which
as you said does not exist. I downloaded 2.38 into old folder
and everything is working great. Out of the many programs I
use GNMIDI is without a doubt the most useful and user
friendly. I can not believe that anyone who uses Midis will
not find GNMIDI an invaluable tool, and you can quote me.

user asked:
>> Hi Guenter:
>> I am a registered user. I have GNMIDI version 2.99.
>>      A friend of mine who has your GNMIDI ver. 2.38 solved the
>> problem by selecting an item called "Add GM Initialization" which
>> was in Converter Heading of his version. This did the trick. Problem
>> I have is that when I looked at Convert section in my version there
>> is no such choice (Add Gm Initialization). I found something called
>> GM Only under settings heading and tried selecting that , but
>> nothing seemed to happen.
>>      In short how can I accomplish the task of "Add GM Intialization"
>> using my version of GNMIDI.
>>      Sorry to be such a bother, but I lack technical expertise.

GNMIDI author answered:
> GNMIDI 2.38 is the newest version yet. 2.99 does not exist yet, maybe
> you mean 2.19 or 2.29.
> Why don't you want to use midi version 2.38?
> Your registration is valid for all versions between 2.00 and 2.99 (see
> readme.txt, there you find this info), so you can surely download current
> version 2.38 from
> and install it and use it with your license file.
> GM Only option does same when using play as does Add GM initialization
> to midi files.
> When the option is turned on then the midi files are prepared before
> playing (generates a temporary midi file with some modifications for GM
> compatibility) and then plays this modified file.
> I use this option always when I play GM compatible midi files through my
> keyboard that would not play GS, XG correctly when the GM only is not
> activated (it would think that it should use non-GS compatible sounds
> for the banks that are specified, and usually drums would play as
> piano).
> The GM only option and add gm init operation do wonder for this behavior
> and play even GS, xg files well on my keyboard as GM.
Subject: How to correct midi/karaoke lyrics
>>I have found a description of even more formats here:

  It looks good to me, quick look.  The .st3 format isn't much like
any of the others; there are some keyboard formats which are unique to
the brand/model.  But there are only two major branches of karake
lyrics -- with a wide range of specific formatting variations, for
whatever player/device used them.  

  Many of the players can cope with other formats than their own
default, interpreting the lyrics their own way.  But having a
convertor program (like GNMIDI) change them is more reliable.
Forum: Rollscanners mailing group
Subject: Re: [Rollscanners] Re: Midi Files
Returning to your original question, although the majority of the files you
find will play well, I would still recommend providing yourself with a good
MIDI utility and by far the best is GNMIDI by Guenter Nagler of Austria.  It
is available from for $30 US or 25 Euros.  This is an
excellent utility which performs many useful test and repair functions and
also enables tracks to be moved and mixed at will.  One of the few things it
doesn't do is to deal with the half pedalling problem and your note has
promoted me to write to Herr Nagler asking if he might consider taking
account of this in the next version.

Comment from GNMIDI author:
Since GNMIDI version 2.40 there are operations available that solve such 
MIDI pedal problems (simplify pedal controllers, quantize controllers).
Subject: Re: (Q) how do I append two .mid files together?
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.sounds.midi.d
>Trying to take 2 MIDI songs and append one to the other so both songs
>play from one file.
>I've tried doing a DOS copy (using /b switch) and I've downloaded
>about 6 MIDI editors and none of them seem to be able to do this.
>(The DOS copy will only play the first song and disregard the appended
>one.) - check out GNMIDI (application runs under
Windows) and a whole collection of DOS-mode utils to do this and many
other MIDI manipulations.

  MIDI data files have a particular structure, including an "end of
song" at the end.  To append them, you have to modify the structure.
A sequencer able to open up two files at once should be able to do an
"append", by copying the entire data from one to the end of the other,
but you may get better control using a tool specifically for doing
this (as you want to make sure that all instrument settings, etc., are
properly made, that there is space for the break needed to set up the
new song, but not more space than needed (the safe space tends to be
around 2 4:4 measures, but for some files you can cut it shorter, if
the setup requirements are minimal, or the pieces can share them).

  Guenter Nagler has done a great job of creating useful MIDI tools,
and the software GNMIDI puts a lot of them together in an easy to use
Windows app.  You can do much of what it does with the DOS mode tools,
but it is much easier to use a mouse interface for it.
Subject: Thanks! GNMIDI is great! My suggestion...
From: registered user
Many thanks for sending the registered floppy disk fro GNMIDI. Your
software is excellent. Incredibly useful, and great value!

A have a suggestion, I hope you will consider including in the

I have many MIDI files, and the volume (loudness) of these varies much
-depending on each MIDIs channel volumes and note-on velocities.

My suggested feature would "normalize" the volume of a MIDI file.
It would increase the loudest channel volume to 127, and scale the
others accordingly. There would be an option do same for note-on

If this feature were added, users could easily make the volume of MIDI
files match one another.

Thanks again for your great software!

Annotation from GNMIDI author:
Your suggested feature is already part of GNMIDI: 
set common volume in all midi files, 
it can be applied automatically and optionally before playing a midi file.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
I have today received the disk for your program. I installed it and
converted several files for our Piano Disk. They work beautifully.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI: birthday present
I was searching for a tool like this to give my father
for his birthday.  He just bought a player piano that
will read midis off of a floppy.  He was unaware of
this as the store loves to sell midis on floppy at 30
dollars for ten songs!  So it will be a great present
for him.
From: registered user
Subject: fractal
i just want to say that i've been using your software for a few years to create original electronic music. it's inspired by seashells and transported by bicycle. 
thank you for the quality software.
Subject: Re: midi file "cropper"?
> I'm looking to alter a few midi files I have, I'm looking to cut off
> the intro or cut off the last minute or so of a file or two.  I don't
> need the ability to alter the notes or the instruments, just edit some
> of the files out.  Is there a freeware/shareware program for this?  best little midi utility out there.
Subject: Re: computer composing programs?
Hardware-wise, all you need is a computer and sound card. So you're all
set! That being said, there's no end to the 'toys' you can buy. Some
suggested software toys:

1: A decent wav recording application. I like CoolEdit 96 (recently
replaced by CE2000)
2: An mp3 encoder. I'm still using Fraunhofer's original DOS-based
3: Perhaps a midi renderer like "Audio Compositor" which allows you to
create midi performances with unlimited polyphony.
4: A general-purpose sound file player. MS Media Player II would be
fine, though you might like others (e.g. WinAmp for mp3's, VanBasco's
Midi Player, etc.) with nicer options.
5: A collection of MIDI tools, such as Dr. Günter Nagler's (freeware)
DOS suite, or his Windows application GNMIDI.
Subject: Re: GNMIDI 2.20 available
Anybody into serious midi MUST have this little tool.  It's the Swiss Army
knife of MIDI.  It will save you hours of time banging your head on the PC.
Subject: PSR 9000 chords (translated from German)
From: GNMIDI registered user
Today is a joy day for me, finally it is possible for me to integrate text
and chords into my midi files
for display on a PSR 9000 with help of your superb program version 2.33
1000 thanks!!!
Subject:midi drums into separate tracks?

>>> Does anybody know of an easy way to take a midi drum track, and separate it 
>>> into the different components: snare, toms, hi-hats...
>>> I can do it manually but it's a pain. I'm sure somebody has an easy way to 
>>> do it.

>> I know that cakewalk software can use a 'CAL' script to do this (basically 
>> and automation type thingy). But other than that I can't help you. Maybe 
>> somwone has written a script for your sequencer of choice. Also have a look 
>> on Hitsquad Shareware Music Machine site to see of someone has written a 
>> drum program to do this.
>> Other than that, you might well be stuck with the old copy and paste routine 
>> I'm afraid :(

> There are some utilities at which may help you

I found there just what I needed, it works great!
I can't believe I was doing it manually :-)
Subject: Re: Just ordered GNMIDI
>>>> Anybody know how long it takes to get on average? I live in Michigan.
>>>> Just curious.

>>> Not sure, but it's a great program. Might have been a week or two.

>> GNMIDI is a great program, and low price. I use it almost every day for at
>> least one of it's features.
>> When you say you ordered it.... it's downloadable on their site and all
>> functions work with just a few limits in unregistered mode
>> Günter is a real nice guy and very serious, so I don't think you'll wait
>> long for the cdrom - I got it just a few days, but am in France and GN is
>> in Austria.
>> Enjoy it !

> Like I said you guys are really talking it up for getting
> out of certain problems with it, so I just had to have it too. I just
> got an email from Günter earlier today and he gave me a temp unlock on
> the program till the cdrom comes. I have been working with it already
> and can see it is really going to help me out of some of my problems
> with midi files. Sure makes life easier

You should have it immediately.

Günter usually emails you a code to unlock the demo program until your CD
Forum: microsoft.public.inet
Subject: reduce midi
The midi was 90+ kb.  I found this program called GNMIDI.  It only gives
you 5 days to test it out.  It has a lot of options, but I only wanted it to
reduce the midi--I got it down to about 20kb.

Here is where I got it from:
GNMIDI demo : Midi utilities for Windows 95, WinNT 4. Multilingual:
English and German
Subject: Re: Help please. Registration
From: registered user
Thank you for the quick reply Günter. Been so long since I had to reinstall 
the program I forgot the install CD plus the unlock file had to be utilized. 
Everything is working fine now. I was in a panic when I could not get it to 
work as I use it quite a bit. Very powerful tool and easy to use. Thank you 
again for your support and great product.
Subject: GNMIDI Software
This is an amazing program that performs many useful utilities on MIDI
files. Use this to
view / add copyright info, change track titles, change MIDI format, change
volumes.... the list goes on.
At only 300k, a must have!
From: Registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
Thank You for a great product GNMIDI. I have recently purchased the product (within the last week)
Subject: Re: How to make Midi mode 0 files.
> I'm looking for a way to convert midi's into mode 0 files. That way I'll be
> able to make my own ringtones for my new mobile phone. Who can help me?

There's a utility at that allows you to convert between
the formats. The GUI tool GNMIDI requires registering.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: registered user
Have received licence and GNMIDI is working just fine
and I think it is a great program
Subject: GNMIDI (translated from German)
From: demo user
After trying an older version of the program I can only tell: Wonderful, it
is the best MIDI-editing tool that I have seen yet.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: demo user
Do you accept credit cards or do we do this by money order or check ??
Please advise, I really like your program

Yes, you can order GNMIDI at
and pay with credit card, paypal, bank money transfer.

Thank you for your interest
G. Nagler
From: C't Magazine 8/2001
Pages 160 to 165: 'Dr. Justus Noll' - MIDI-Editors
Subject: GNMIDI functionality
From: registered user
I like your software. But I would like to know:

1) The quickest way to put the lyrics for a whole song.
2) How to change the MIDI channels for tracks ?
3) How to merge 2 tracks ?
4) I would also like to point out to you that I had success with displaying
lyrics on a Voice Systems Genius Midi File player.  However, to do this
I had to save the MIDI with Lyrics file as a *kar file and then convert
it to Yamaha format. None of the other formats eg Tune 1000 did not work
with the Genius. So is there a quick way of saving in Yamaha format withous having to
make a *kar first ?


Answers from GNMIDI author:
ad 1) GNMIDI contains two lyrics editing tools for entering 
   and synchronizing song text syllables or lines with melody notes
ad 2) GNMIDI has a channel mapping operation, exchange two channels 
   by mapping channel numbers 1->3 and 3->1 in one step
ad 3) format 0 conversion merges all tracks into one track, if two tracks 
   use same channel then the trick would be to convert format 1 to 0 and 
   back to 1, then there is one track that merged the tracks with identical channel,
   merging tracks with different channel is only allowed in format 0, in format 1
   it would be against MIDI standard.
ad 4) in older GNMIDI versions the two steps were necessary, 
      in newer GNMIDI versions this can be done directly by kar->midi operation
      (even when the original input file is not a .kar formatted midi file).
Forum: Synth Zone BBS
Subject: Midi file editor

GNMIDI does a lot for very little.
From: New GNMIDI user
Subject: Midi File Time Signature Change
I'm actually less that a week away from having a surgery that's going to leave me unable to work for a few weeks. I was hardly able to talk my wife into letting me buy the license for the GNMIDI software!! Luckily, I was able to buy that, I actually just placed the order on your site. I love the software! It works really well and was just what I needed because Ableton has such poor midi export capabilities. I love the reverse midi song feature! 

I'll make due with the Karma M3 for now for time signature conversion. Thank you so much for offering to help me with it though! I will definitely keep this email archived and maybe contact you after things are back to normal.

Web Forum: manning-sandbox
Subject: convert smf with multiple tempo changes to single tempo change

I found a solution with the GNMIDI application.
You can convert midis with multiple tempo changes to an smf with only 
one tempo setting.
Subject: Re: Newbie Questions (not in FAQ)
Cakewalk can display any chord but the best little tool out there is
Guenter Nagler's  GNMIDI software--it has a find
chord option that works very well.
Forum: MIDIBuddy Board
Subject: Midi Volume
>>> I would like to know the easiest way to rerecord midi's at a higher volume. 
>>> I use them as ringtones but the volume on many of them is too low. 
>>> Can anyone help me  cut?

>> I use Cakewalk to alter files (then GS editor) and Vanbasco Midi player to play.
>> Basic but it works ok

> I use GNMIDI. 

yeah i use that too its pretty handy
Subject: Re: Normalize a midi
> I am using a few midi's I got off the web for background music for a
> screensaver I've created but the volume varies from song to song. Is there a
> simple program I can use to normalize the songs?

GNMIDI from  you have to have this midi tool if you do
any midi at all.

Subject: Add two midis consecutively
After being out of town for a week, thought I ought to post an update to 
my dilemma. First - thanks to all for the help but never could get a 
script to work. Also a timing method =meta, didn't work either.
Finally found a program to produce midi medleys, just insert them in the 
order to play and it makes one midi out of them. Exactly what I wanted 
to do.
The program is 'GNMIDI' should anyone else be interested. Website is here:

Subject: Re: simple sysex dump program?

> Who can tell me what's a simple sysex dump program?

Subject: Performing programs...
I have been trying out different ideas for the last two days. This has been
extremely frustrating and then greatly rewarding. I learned a lot:

1. GNMIDI is a must have. I tried Karwin, Karakan, txt2midi and midi2txt
(both DOS formats), and several others. None came close to what GNMIDI can

2. Open .kar files in GNMIDI, analyze chords if you want, then convert .kar
to midi with lyrics. Sonar/Cakewalk can now "see" the lyrics. The chord
analyzer isn't perfect, but it puts the chords close to where you want them
in ChordPro format, i.e. [G]Another turning point. This will save a lot of
input time when editing in Sonar.

3. The resulting midi files can be played in Van Basco or in Sonar live.
You don't have to change the extension to .kar for Van Basco to play them
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration
really enjoying my GNMIDI.....transforming midi files to playable 
tunes for friday night garage band....
Subject: Instant chord charts from midi files........
The beauty of using GNMIDI is that it inserts the chords *into* the
text stream in a format that Showplay4 then translates into a lyric *and*
chord cheat sheet, which Showplay4 can then display as a scrolling lead sheet.
Subject: GNMIDI
From: GNMIDI registered user
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your program. I'm a musician
and before general midi, I assigned all of my back up drum parts to a custom 
designed midi map using	a completely different drum set map than general 
midi. With your program, I can now split up all	the drum parts, transpose
them to general midi standards, save them, and now play my drum parts in
general midi. I've been	searching for a way to do this quickly and 
efficiently without having to spend hours editing each song. And now with 
your program, I'll be able to do this in no time at all!

web page:
Subject:  FAQ to piano rolls 

What kind of software do I need to edit these MIDI files?

    You would use Sequencer Software or a utility program like GNMIDI.

Why won't the keys on my piano play a file I downloaded from the Internet?

    The piano keys play data found on Channel 1 in MIDI files, and maybe
    none of the music on the file is assigned to Channel 1. If music is
    coming thru the speakers, a simple program change will fix this. Use
    Sequencer software to edit the file, or when using GNMIDI select
    "prepare sound program for PianoDisc" from the Modify menu even if
    you have a QRS or Disklavier system. A good setting on the
    Disklavier for playing MIDI format 0 files is to set L=01 and R=Prg.
    See Owner's Manual under Import Files.

About My Piano

Is there a way to make my piano play more quietly?

    Yes. It is possible to lower the volume through software
    manipulation of the MIDI file. See the section Editing MIDI Files in
    the Music Files <> section.
    The three utilities that have been most successful are GNMIDI,
    veloset, MidiMod2 and the Giebler software. There are also acoustic
    solutions such as foam baffles installed next to the soundboard. On
    MarkIII Disklaviers, the Silent System can be engaged and the volume
    of the tone generated piano sound can be infinitely adjusted. See
    Volume Control in the Editing MIDI Files section of the Music Files
    <Music%20files.htm> page.

I want to sing a song I have a MIDI file for, but the arrangement is 
too high/low for my voice. Is there a way to change the key?

    You can transpose any MIDI file up or down using a program like
    GNMIDI, or any MIDI sequencing software. You can also use the
    Transpose function on your piano.

Forum  Yahoo! Music Groups
Subject: GNMIDI, a very powerful MIDI Tool...

You might have encountered similar problem like me:
When I used RealOrch to convert ST3 into KAR files for some reasons
the generated file is so corrupt that none of my MIDI players can
recognize it. But I could restore those invalid files by using
GNMIDI's Repair function. It's great!

There are much more features in GNMIDI. It's worth to have a look in
Subject: Re: Midi Editor/Merge Question
> If I have a collection of midi files, each of which represents a "segment"
> of a piece, are there freeware (or reasonably cheap software) that will
> stitch them together in a specified fashion?  Or is this asking too much?

You might try GNMIDI which can merge or make medleys of separate midifiles
Subject: GNMIDI

Although this program is really a midi utility, it can
be used to enter lyrics into a midi file.

Various midi sequencer programs can also be used to enter
lyrics. In addition, some player programs can be used
for spot editing of lyrics and most programs that edit
or create midi-karaoke can also play midi-karaoke files.
From: Demo tester and future registered user
Subject: gnmidi inquiry, Excel / .csv to midi
I had a chance tonight to make a detailed demo of GNMIDI and found it worked 
quickly and well for my intended purposes, at least in the simplified initial trials.
I will make more detailed demo tries over the following days, but believe GNMIDI 
will be a useful tool for me, and one I will buy a license for.
To put things in perspective, GNMIDI is likely to speed up my trialing of 
music analysis / music combinatorial results by 20-30x over manual means, a 
very significant improvement indeed.
I'm excited to have found GNMIDI and that it appears to work for my purposes. 
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your message and work 
Subject: Re: Software Program for Midi Volume ?
> Is there  software program that will adjust the volume level of of
> midi files so they will playback at the same volume level?  Thanks,

Not really, you will have to set each one. Most standard files have the
master volume at 127 anyway.  You have to set each track and I would say
Cakewalk does that with the least hassle due to their more powerful setup measure. has a nice utility GNMIDI for such functions as volume
and expression control--both these controls effect the output volume.
Subject: GNMIDI Registration
From: registered user
Thank you--it's still the best little midi tool out there.  Did you know
that you can use the Find Chords feature with PGMusic's Karaoke player in
Powertracks and have the chords run to show changes in real time?  It also
works very well with the notation features in Powertracks, Band in a Box
and of course, Cakewalk--but the karaoke thing is great.  You can open the
Big Lyrics and Fretboard views in PT and see the changes, ID them, and hear
them all at the same time.
I don't believe I have ever seen your GNMIDI listed on PG's site at  I think it should be there or a link since it works so well
with their products.

Answer: has not taken choice to add a link to
to their site. From time to time users in Forum talk about GNMIDI and 
recommend the software and page to others. I guess that does 
not know that GNMIDI exists, or that some Powertrack Pro users use it 
additionally to their software.
Subject: useful
I still use your program, from time to time.
Prooved very handy when you're in MIDI, wav, mp3 composing processes!
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: delete chords function
(received after repaired a problem in delete chords operation)

Thank you so much. IT WORKS GREAT. 
If more companys would support there products like you do, it would be a much better world. 
If there is anything I can do. Please don't hesitate. Also send me a bill when you get a minute.

Thanks again so much.

(GNMIDI author: I did not send a bill, it is not possible to purchase GNMIDI changes)
From: brand new registered user
Subject : GNMIDI Registration

Just to inform you that all the process you have described are OK 
My purpose using your software is to add lyrics to MIDI files I have made.
Those files are used to be shared inside our choir. With your software, I am
able to create .kar files. It will be very useful for our chorists who have
no music knowledge.  I have made a trial with the demo version yesterday and
was satisfied. 
    I will also have the opportunity to make .kar files for my wife who has
made a CD with her compositions. This will be a big surprise for her to see
her songs on a karaoke screen.
I will also have a look on other fucntionalities you provide.
Waiting for the definitive support, I adress you my congratulations for your
Subject: GNMIDI (translated from German)
Forum: Hitsquad GNMIDI webboard ( )
After I have tested an older version of this software, I can only tell:
Fantastic, it is the best MIDI editing software that I have seen till now.

Answer: Thanks, please try also the newest version, there you find many more
interesting features and then you may be astonished more than yet. And don't 
forget to register if you want use the software in future.
Forum: MIDIBuddy Board
Subject: A good MIDI editing program?
> Does anybody have one?
> like 1 that can change length of midi, number of channels, add fade ins/outs, 
> change volume etc etc

you could try GNMIDI, it's pretty simple to use.
Subject: Format conversion with Digital Orchestrator
From: Voyetra technical support
Digital Orchestrator saves in MID type 1. It cannot save in format type 0.
You may wish to check the included link	for midi format conversion utilities:
Subject: License
From: New registered professional keyboard/organ teacher
Thank you for licence. Now I can get back to using wonderful GNMIDI.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI
Thank you. I'd like to comment on how you do business. You have a great 
product, you advertise well, it is easy to order your product, and you 
respond quickly with the license. There are few companies that handle their 
"business" as well as you do. It is refreshing to see such great service.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: chords
I test new setting GNMIDI already about chord.
it is very good for me. 
This is my the best software for sing a song-playing music. 
That is easy,simply but enough feature and functions for me
I will tell my friends about this GNMIDI
Subject: Re: Converting MIDI format 1 to format 0
Go to and get a copy of Guenter Nagler's GNMIDI
software--it does conversions as well as split out drum tracks solve ending
problems and many other little midi glitches it also reads out the chords in
a midi file.  Nice little tool to have in your MIDI box.
From: registered user
Subject: oky web
Yesterday i bought your programme GNMIDI     it looks very good to me,
But i have one question to you, before i go to study the whole manuel.

How can i come in contact via your side with other people who
have a okyweb karaokefile player,and want to put in the short chords in 
the song, so that i can have a little conversation about the best way to 
do it,for the oky web.
This is from the italian producer M-live    wordbox.

Thanks in advance for your answer,or advise.
PS: GNMIDI (great programme)

Answer: it is not possible via GNMIDI side to find other oky web users.
Use newsgroups and forums about midi, there you might find other users with similar
equipment who help each other.
Subject: update
From: registered user
By the way, I really like your program....
From: Registered user
Subject: RE: Midi file will not open
>> I have a piece of music I was writing in midi format using Cakewalk. 
>> I closed the program and now cannot open the file. I tried opening it with Cakewalk as well as Windows Media Player. 
>> I need it for an audition into university on Friday. Do you have any suggestions as to how to open and repair the file? 

>You are sure that the midi file is valid. Did you try to open it with 
>GNMIDI and use the check file operation in anaysis menu?
>If the operation tells errors then it can be used to try to repair the 

Thank you! I did as you suggested and the problem has resolved. Your assistance 
is greatly appreciated. GNMIDI fixed the problem. What a wonderful program.
Subject: Re: Midi volume help please
    I've tried Van Basco, but I never cared for it. I use Cakepro 9
and if you save the files as a wrk file, it will bring the lyrics up
everytime and is very easy to use. GNMIDI is some software you should
consider buying as it's very cheap and a great utility program!
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI registration ...
Outstanding service.

Thank you.
web page:

(translated with Google from French)

MIDI tool GNMIDI is the essential tool for serious work with MIDI files.
From: GNMIDI user
Subject: Thank You
It is a very useful collection of midi tools. The one I found most
useful was being able to change the volume of all instruments in
a midi song which always played too loud on my Midi Piano.
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
From: registered user
Thank you for responding to my email complimenting you on GNMIDI.
I am not a savvy computer user and certainly not a software engineer 
so my comments are based as an observer and user only.

The experience I have had with GNMIDI was so positive I had wanted to let you know.
Specifically I appreciate the simple, yet elegant, operation of the program 
through the icon menu. The "Tips" is very clever and useful. 
Your documentation was thorough. I've only begun to unlock the potential.

I use GNMIDI to help with my Yamaha Dislavier ( DGA1 ) in manipulating various 
MIDI files so that I can use with the piano.
In combination with the Yamaha S-YXG50 Soft Synthesizer ( to test play ) and 
the Giebler Enterprises Yamaha Diskette Manager and a set of freeware utility 
programs called "dkvutils" I have had great success.

Once again, thank you for a very good and helpful program.
I suspect that a great deal of time and effort went into developing 
GNMIDI and it is appreciated !
Subject: split midi files
>> With what (possibly free) program is possible to split in two a midi file?

Anything called a "sequencer".    I don't need to know about free
ones, but I'm sure there are suckh and someone will recommend one.

Note that a midi file often contains setup data - sounds allocated to
tracks, volumes etc. - at the start.     If you remove this section
and start half way through the song, you may get unexpected results.

If all you want to do is shorten the file, GNMIDI (,
Windows) can do that.  Very flexible for this sort of thing, and
avoids any worry about manually cutting and leaving out vital messages
from earlier in the song.

  It isn't too hard to cut out the end of a song using a sequencer,
but taking out the beginning is trickier.  
Subject: Re: GNMIDI 2.25 with new features available
Best midi tool ever--buy this one.
Subject: Re: Volume of midis when playing live
> Does anyone know a way of taking a whole bunch of midi files and
> getting the volume about the same. The files I have are all different
> volumes and it is a real pain when playing live to keep adjusting the
> levels on the PA. (I play solo so it is even harder :P) Any tips would
> be appreciated. BTW I use a roland sound canvas and I have cakewalk 7
> if this helps. Thanks again

I had exactly the same problem as you and found the perfect answer with an
amazing software called GNMIDI. I bought it above all for this
purpose, but it does loads of other things and only costs $30. Take a look
at their site where you can download a demo version:

The programmer is Austrian, very serious and replies rapidly to any queries.
Forum: forum
Subject: Re: [midkar] Welcome New Members!
Also, there is a program call GNMIDI which is available online. 
Gunter. is the creator and it is the best $30 I have spent for midi. 
This program does so much that it is hard to believe. Combined with 
cakewalk, there is nothing else you need. Go here to see it's features.
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMIDI
Works great, thank you, and thank you for a very nice program.
Subject: Re: tool to cut midi files
>i have a cool midi file from PinkFloyd - Money
>it sounds realy gread on my Cellphone but it
>is to big (52kb) and needs to long to load when a phone call comes.
>how can i cut the first ca. 15-20 seconds from the file., Windows.

  Or any MIDI sequencer program, some are freeware, most of the good
ones are shareware.  Most offer the option to cut parts from all
tracks in the file at once.
Subject: Re: Help! corrupted midis
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.sounds.midi
> All the files have the correct .MID extension and will not play either with
> the Windows media player or with the Soundblaster midi player. The following
> error message comes up......
> MMSYSTEM296 The file cannot be played on the specified MCI device.
> The file may be corrupt or not in the correct format.
> Files downloaded from this newsgroup work perfectly, so everything is
> configured correctly.
> I'm attaching a couple of the problem midi files as an example.

    Your attached MIDI files do appear to be corrupt, however, GNMIDI 
(by Guenter Nagler) does fix the problem even though it states that "much
data was lost". The files seem to play OK.
From: registered user
Subject: GNMIDI lyrics
My ten-year-old boy boy is having "the time of his life" 
making karaoke files in the Welsh language!
Subject: Re: Midi recovery help needed... someone save my life please.
>I am composing music on midis, have been for quite some time now, and I tend
>to get rather attached to my songs. Now with my latest, I've really really
>grown to love it quite a lot. Unfortunately I had a hdd crash on the hd the
>file was on. I was able to restore most of the data, but a portion in the
>middle (if I understand midi format correctly, the different tracks are
>stored one after the other in the file; in that case I lost roughly 10% of
>my drum track) was lost. Now, no problem is able to interprete the file
>anymore, my midi sequencer crashes upon loading, playing in any midi player
>gives me a wrong file header error. .

An easy solution, but which will likely lose any tracks which are
corrupted, is to use GNMIDI (, a fine Windows tool
for manipulating MIDI files.  It includes a MIDI file repair function,
which will make a playable standard MIDI file out of such corrupted
Subject: Re: Casio WK1800
Most SMF files you download are Type 1 with channels split out to tracks.
Type 0 has all the channels on one track.  Some synths only play back 0 
because it is a much smaller file for their limited buffers. Goto and get Dr. Nagler's GNMIDI which contains
a file converter to change Type 1 to Type 0.
That's all there is too it.
PS--keep your copy of the Type 1 file so you can edit it easier in a
sequencer like Cakewalk.
The way I do it is midifile.mid for 1 files and midifile0.mid for the Type 0
From: trial user
Subject: Various
Love your program GNMIDI  ***** (5 stars!).  I just bought a new Yamaha
DGX505 Keyboard and was trying to figure out how I can get some
background music to play along with.  It dawned on me that I had all
these Midi Files and if I could just strip off (or lower) the Voice
(Lead) volume to the song I want to play, then I could save the file on
a Smartcard, pop it into my keyboard slot, start the song and play the
lead.  Works Great!  (Well . Almost!)   . Additionally, it's a GREAT
learning tool for learning the notes of the melody.
I WILL be registering the GNMIDI program before the trial period is
over.  I just want to play around with it more and figure out what else
I can do with it.
Aloha and Mahalo for such a fine program.
Subject: convert .kar to .mid
>i have tried to change ext from kar to mid but error code mmsystem281 could
>not be played on media player keeps coming up and icon is for karaoke file
>not midi file

  If you want to work with the lyrics, some files with lyrics use
lyric events, which Cubase will show (in the score view).  Others use
text events, which will show up in the event view, but are hard to
read and edit there.  You can convert from one to the other with a
program like GNMIDI (, Windows).
Subject: Re: Midifiles Words track and CWPA 7.02 lyrics...
Forum: cakewalk.general
>> I'd like to translate these words in Cakewalk lyrics, on another track
>> where I have the melody (or a copy of the melody). Is it possible and
>> how ?
> You will have to copy and paste the text events into the Lyric View or
> Event List. It may be easier to open the .mid file in a text editor, then
> copy the text into Cakewalk.
> Cakewalk Technical Support

There is an easier way !
Get GNMIDI from the following site:

It will convert text to lyrics and back.
Subject: Midifile chord analyser
Anyone know of a program that determines the chords in a given midifile.  I
have GNMIDI which does this but the version I have (2.13) is limited to simple majors
and minors and I can't get on to the authors site (Guenter Nagler) to see if there is an
update (
I was wondering if there is anything out there more sophisticated. The 
beauty of GNMIDI is that it will work out the chords and create a lyric 
track of them, great for playing along using a karaoke type player.

Newest GNMIDI version supports more chords e.g. 7th, 6th, 7Maj
GNMIDI homepage is at

You find information and a demo to this software at