From: professional stage musician and registered user
Subject: Re: about gnmixer
You say that you don't think that your GNMixer is a
program for live situation.....
and sorry but I do not agree with you .....
I think that this program is the best that I look today in
market ...
In fact I have cakewalk, sonar, cubase, logic, etc etc.
take note that the music that want play in stage they need a
program easy and quick to change some parameters in order to
play (usually transpose and any instruments).

Believe that I know that I am talking and I know hundreds of musicians 
and I am a musician with 25 years of experience working every night....
So in my opinion your little program can take a little revolution in
the music world
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMixer Registration
Thank You So Much !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a Wonderful Program..............
Something I have been looking for.
Now all I have to do is learn the entire possibilities
of it's usage.

I have told all my friends about it !!!!!!!!
From: new registered user
Subject: Re: New Software
Thank you. The GNMixer is exactly what I needed.  Simple and effective. I
have corrected several files and the results are astounding. Order placed
and awaiting license.
From: registered user
Subject: KN and GNMixer
It's "THE Solution" of my problem.
I tried and it's good.
I want to tell you my congratulations and I send to you my friendly  
From: registered user
Subject: I am very pleased with your GNMixer Utility
I am very happy with your GNMixer 2 utility.
I tried this on my Roland SD-90 Sound Canvas and it is working flawlessly.
I can change all the Sounds from the Mixer.
I can filter the names of the Sounds based on a few letters eg. Piano
The best part is that the communication is two way.
When I change a sound by rotating the dial on the SD-90 front panel, the
changes are immediately reflected on the GNMixer.
As you indicated, the SET format is very simple to create based on the
Program Number, MSB, LSB values of any Sound.
I am confident I can do this myself for all my other sound modules.
I love this program because of its simplicity.
It offers the easiest way to change the Sound, Volume, Pan, Reverb and
Chorus settings of every MIDI Track on the fly while the song is playing.
I appreciate the effort you took to write the User Guide with detailed
explanation of every function.
I am including three photos of my Music Studio.
From: professional musician after trying GNMixer demo
Subject: about GNMixer
I am a professional musician from Spain.
First of all say congratulations for your fantastic software.
I was looking and looking for have an software for play in	
live situation and i was testing in a lot of the market but 
really I have very happy of find your fantastic GNMixer.