From: registered user
Subject: KN and GNMixer
It's "THE Solution" of my problem.
I tried and it's good.
I want to tell you my congratulations and I send to you my friendly  
From: professional stage musician and registered user
Subject: Re: about gnmixer
You say that you don't think that your GNMixer is a
program for live situation.....
and sorry but I do not agree with you .....
I think that this program is the best that I look today in
market ...
In fact I have cakewalk, sonar, cubase, logic, etc etc.
take note that the music that want play in stage they need a
program easy and quick to change some parameters in order to
play (usually transpose and any instruments).

Believe that I know that I am talking and I know hundreds of musicians 
and I am a musician with 25 years of experience working every night....
So in my opinion your little program can take a little revolution in
the music world
From: professional musician after trying GNMixer demo
Subject: about GNMixer
I am a professional musician from Spain.
First of all say congratulations for your fantastic software.
I was looking and looking for have an software for play in	
live situation and i was testing in a lot of the market but 
really I have very happy of find your fantastic GNMixer.
From: registered user
Subject: Re: GNMixer Registration
Thank You So Much !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a Wonderful Program..............
Something I have been looking for.
Now all I have to do is learn the entire possibilities
of it's usage.

I have told all my friends about it !!!!!!!!