GN Midi Solutions Demo download


These programs are only usable with operating system Windows.
In Windows 10 the Windows Defender Smartscreen warns inspite of an existing digital signature from the developer about unknown app (that is wrong). Please click on More information and then on button Run anyway.

Demo software

The demo is only provided for testing the application free for 14 days.
The end user license agreement (EULA) must be read and accepted before starting the program.
Some operations are limited in the demo only. A license must be purchased to get the full version.
You find more information in the product pages.

GNMIDI3 English v3.32 Installer download (9.0 Mb) ZIP download (8.4 Mb) about installation ... about changes ...

GNMIDI3 German v3.32 Installer download (8.9 Mb) ZIP download (8.7 Mb) about installation ... about changes ...

GNMIXER2 English v2.8 Installer download (4.3 Mb) ZIP download (4.1 Mb) about installation ...

GNMIDFMT2 English v2.5 Installer download (2.0 Mb) ZIP download (1.8 Mb) about installation ...

GNInsertController1 English v1.5 Installer download (1.9 Mb) ZIP download (1.7 Mb) about installation ...

gnbigfolder English v1.2 ZIP download (1.6 Mb) about installation ...

Test versions

A test version is a modified demo that is not finished yet and needs more testing (beta version).
Use it to try the newest modifications or help testing the newest program version.

GNMIDI3 English v3.33 TESTVERSION 31.08.2022Installer download (9.1 Mb) ZIP download (8.4 Mb) about installation ... about changes ...

GNMIDI3 German v3.33 TESTVERSION 31.08.2022Installer download (9.0 Mb) ZIP download (8.8 Mb) about installation ... about changes ...

Hint: If you already installed the program with MSI installer then please uninstall the program before installing a new program version (Control panel/Programs/uninstall a program)

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