How to add batch MIDI operations specially created for a GNMIDI Professional user

1. Inform generally about user operations in GNMIDI

GNMIDI 3 Professional supports adding new MIDI operations (single file and batch conversion) for modifying, analysing, converting MIDI files without changing GNMIDI executable program.
The plugin can offer an option dialog and read settings from an .ini text file.
Read more about user operations in following document: gnusertools and try the demo user tool in GNMIDI menu convert.

2. Describe your wanted MIDI operations

Send your wish user tool to and describe it detailed. Tell also if you need the tool for commercial (company or selling results) or private noncommercial uses (price differs). Sometimes MIDI example file or an example output file helps or image attachments are helpful.
We read your description and tell you if it is possible to create such a tool. After possible questions back to you if something is unclear we estimate the costs for the user tools.

3. Order the tools

After your decision that you want to order the described tools we send a link for ordering. After payment we start with programming.
In most cases the programming is done with our own script language gnscript which was extended by many operations from GNMIDI for use in the plugin.

4. Testing

We surely unit test the tools with some MIDI file examples.
If you send few of your MIDI file examples we can use them for testing.
After testing we send file results to you that you can check if the results are correct and as you expected.
Extra wishes after order or somewhere later will cost extra if they were not defined in the calculated tool.

5. Delivery

You will get a download zip package containing the tools and a mail with user tool license. The license must be installed that the tool can be started.
The user tools can be installed on max 5 of your own computers.
After some weeks we will inform you to request an access code for your used computers (including instructions). This counts the number of installations.