Freeware - for private noncommercial use (PC only)

MIDI Windows utilities
GN1:0 Converts binary midi file format from 1 to 0, including a simple MIDI Karaoke player. Presents information about GNMIDI.
MIDI DOS commandline utilities
Hint You need some DOS knowledge to use following DOS commandline tools inside MS-DOS box (cmd.exe). The DOS utilities work only in 32bit Windows versions or using a DOS 16 bit emulator in Windows 7 64bit (e.g. dosbox or Windows XP mode). There are many good tutorials about learning DOS commandline in internet available e.g. Running the commandline utilities does not require . The DOS utilities are not developed further.
Many of the tools and some more are included in our Windows product GNMIDI, which is easier to use and contains improved versions of the tools.
Many of following 16bit tools can be ordered as Win32 commandline for noncommercial or commercial uses or as Win32 library (.lib/.dll) for use in a commercial product.
DOS MIDI interface utilities
MIDIMACH MIDI Machine DOS/Win95 MIDI player (external Soundblaster or MPU401 interface)
exchsyx send and receive system exclusive commands, dumps and other MIDI (DOS, Windows, MPU or Soundblaster)
midiecho copy MIDI input to MIDI output and display keys on screen, XG, GS life conversion, DOS/Win95, external Soundblaster or MPU401 interface
exchi3 send and receive KORG i2/i3 files through MIDI cable (DOS, Windows, MPU or Soundblaster)
KORG i-series DOS utilities
mergesty DOS batch program to combine two i3 styles into a merged style (requires registered GNIStyle DOS converters: mid2isty, isty2mid)
bsq2_i40 older KORG i-series BSQ to i40 BSQ converter
dmparr Korg i3 arrangement format dump
dmpbsq KORG i3 backing sequence format dump
dmppcg Korg i-series user program format dump
dmpsng Korg i3 song format dump
dmpsty KORG i-series style format dump
findi3 Find names in KORG i3 files
globcopy (batch) program to copy global settings from one .pcg file to many others (i3 compatibles)
i30tosyx Korg i30 files to sysex dump files
i5mtoi3 Korg i5M/i5/i4s/iX300 to i3 converter
mid2isng midi file to Korg i3 song converter
sng2bsq KORG i3 song to backing sequences converter
sng2midi Korg i3 song format to midi files
splitpcg split larger PCG files into smaller ones to access all programs with Korg-i series keyboards
sty9toi Korg format 9 (i2,i3,...) styles to Korg format I styles (i30,...)
sty9tom Korg format 9 (i2,i3,...) styles to Korg format M styles (is40, is50, ...), untested
styito9 Korg format I (i30,...) styles to Korg format 9 (i2, i3, ...)
stymto9 Korg format M (is40, is50,...) styles to Korg format 9 styles (i2,i3,...)
Windows programs only for Korg i-series
gnstyfmt style format converter for Windows (i3 -> others, others -> i3)
GNIArr edit some arrangement file parameters not editable by many KORG i-series keyboards © Günter Nagler Contact