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Change Volume (or Note velocities)
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[in menu Modify/Volume operations]

You can choose between modifying volume by
volume controllers or note velocities. You can change original values percentually or set them to a new constant value.

Hint: Prefer modifying volume controllers but if the volume controllers are already at maximum level then only way might be to increase note velocities.

Enter a percentage between 0% and 1000%. Percentage 100% does not change volume.  
Enter a value between 0 and 127. Value 0 is not allowed for setting note velocities, this value has a reserved meaning in MIDI.  
Optionally choose a channel between 1 and 16 or all channels (default is all channels).  
Minimum Value
Values smaller than minimum value will be set to minimum value (default: 0)  

Maximum value
Values higher than maximum value will be set to maximum value (default: 127)  

Turn off "adjust volume to common level" option in menu settings, when you test the volume changes with GNMIDI player, since this option will automatically adjust volume of played song to a common level.