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Check and repair a MIDI file
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The operation checks the MIDI file against the Standard MIDI file format. For a valid MIDI file it will display the message

MIDI file has valid standard MIDI format. Repair not needed.

When opening a corrupt MIDI file an error message will be displayed in the MIDI information window.
The operation can repair common MIDI file problems (e.g. invalid command parameters, truncated MIDI file), but it can not repair severe errors (e.g. if lost data at beginning of file) and repairing might lose data.

The operation is also available as batch operation. Using GNMIDI Light license batch operations are not available.  
A Mp3 file can also be verified if FFmpeg package is installed.
It tells result "dangerous" if the *.mp3 file contains an executable program instead of music.
Hint: repairing is not possible with mp3 file.