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Clone channel
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This operation copies an original channel to a new channel (which should not be free yet) and supports a small delay of the copied MIDI commands. This function will often be used to enhance melody channel by duplication. The delay causes a kind of echo effect.  
Old Channel
Der alte Kanal muss in der Originaldatei existieren und MIDI Befehle enthalten. Falls mehrere Spuren diesen Kanal benutzen wird nur aus der Spur mit den meisten Befehlen kopiert.  
New Channel
The new channel should not contain MIDI commands before this operation is used. If all channels are already in use then one less important channel needs to be deleted before.  
Delay (MIDI units)
All copied MIDI commands can be moved by the specified number of MIDI units back (a pause will be inserted at beginning). Standard value 0 does not cause a delay. Negative values move the commands towards beginning of the song (pauses are removed). In this case there should be an existing pause at beginning of original channel which can be reduced.