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Entertainment player
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The Entertainment music player chooses MIDI and MP3 files from your song archive and plays them (e.g. in random order) one after one.

The operation offers search criteria's to restrict the entertainment to certain songs from your archive.

MIDI/MP3 Archive
select your previous used song archive folder from the drop down list box or use browse button to add a new song folder. Only MIDI or MP3 songs from this folder or its sub folders are considered for entertainment.  
enter one or more simple words (separated by spaces), all keywords must appear somewhere in the MIDI/MP3 file text if the keyword field is not empty. The words might match filename, author, title, comment, lyrics, tracknames, markers, copyright, ...  
Wildcards * and ? are allowed as search patterns (reduces search speed).  

each song can be rated, these values are considered here. Select between  
·not evaluated      considers songs that have no rating  
·best         considers songs that have good rating  
·other         considers songs that have bad rating  

Play Frequency
every time when a song is played with the Entertainment player, a frequency counter will be increased for a song. Select between  
·never played      considers songs that were never played with Entertainment player  
·often         considers songs that were often played with Entertainment player  
·sometimes         considers songs that were not often played with Entertainment player (but at least once)  

the Entertainment player supports two playing orders  
·sequential         plays the songs in the order of a play list or as they match the search criteria's  
·random         plays the songs from the play list or song archive folder in random order  

Load Playlist
instead of considering whole song archive folder you can load the list of filenames from a text file. Each line of the play list file should contain one filename (including folder path) . The play list files should have file extension .lst . Filenames that are not found (e.g. because of wrong spelling) are ignored. When a play list is loaded then the search fields are disabled, all valid MIDI/MP3 files in the play list are considered by the Entertainment player.  
e.g. winner.lst  
c:\MP3\hot chocolate\everyone 's a winner.mp3  
with OK the entertainment player starts to search for matching songs in your song file archive, depending on the number of songs in the archive it can take some time. The Entertainment player starts to play a song (with internal player) when at least one matching song is found and it will continue to search for more songs in background while playing a song.  

The dialog hides automatically when first matching song is found.
When a song finishes to play or when you stop the internal player manually, the next matching song in selected order will be started automatically soon.

toolentertain Stop entertainment player
Click on the entertainment player symbol or press Ctrl-A to stop the Entertainment playing.  
Hint: While a dialog is open (e.g. status, description...) the entertainment player does not continue automatically with next song. Close the dialog to continue.

Hint: Entertainment player uses internal player which requires working installation of MIDI/MP3 MCI drivers.