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Karaoke to MIDI with lyrics
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A karaoke MIDI file contains song text in different kind of formats.
This utility converts the song into MIDI format 0 and writes the lyrics in a format that is used by different keyboard models or software players.

Choose one of following formats, try some of them if you don' t know what your keyboard supports:

·Cakewalk (4.0 or higher, META lyric commands)  
·Cakewalk (3.x or higher, META marker commands)  
·Tune 1000 (standard MIDI lyrics)  
·Chords above lyrics (two lines for display using fixed fonts like Courier)  
·Chords between lyrics (for all devices that can not display chords above lyrics)  
·Farfisa F5 (sysex commands)  
·Roland (META lyrics)  
·Yamaha XF (SL02)  
·Roland sysex video lyrics  
·M-Live Wordbox sysex  
·Casio TV  

break lines at max. characters:
Enter a maximum line length (default 40 characters) to limit the line length for certain karaoke display. Enter 0 if no limit is set (no breaking). Line breaks are inserted when song text lines are longer than this limit, in most cases the line break is done at a space, in rare cases it is done within word (e.g. when no space near end of limit).  

options for
chords between lyrics conversion:

move chords in front of words
moves the chord names that are inside a lyric word to beginning of the word that the word can be better read.

remove chord identifiers (like [...])
removes text chord symbols [Cm] {Cm} (Cm) %Cm "Cm"

enclose chords by <...>
adds < and > around the chord names that the chords can be easier distinguished from lyrics e.g. <Cm>

add spaces before and after chord names
adds a space before and after the chord name that the chord names do not collide with other near lyrics e.g. dis Cm play instead of disCmplay

Try different formats for use with your keyboard and choose the best one, start with option Tune 1000 that works with many keyboard displays. Some keyboard displays don't accept longer lines, specify a maximum line length that GNMIDI automatically breaks the lines into smaller ones.

.kar format
.kar files are MIDI file format 1 files that contain META text commands to store the text in a special formatting.  
This operation can convert .kar files into other lyric formats.  
Use Convert MIDI with lyrics to Karaoke MIDI to convert a MIDI file to a MIDI file with .kar formatted lyrics.  
Hint: After converting to chords between lyrics format the chords can not be edited using chords editor since this function generates text only. Use the edit words operation to modify the chord names text.