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GNMIDI Professional  
indicates if Professional license is used. In demo it can be toggled for testing to Light license (e.g. batch operations are then not available).  
GNMIDI Light  
indicates if Light license is used.  
prepare MIDI song before playing
Choose options to prepare your MIDI files before they are played (common volume, device mode initialization ...).  

reset device after each song  
Choose this option to send SOS MIDI commands whenever MIDI playing stops  
Reset output device now  
Sends SOS MIDI commands to current output device to stop playing of any notes now .  

MIDI Output ...
Select an output device for playing MIDI.  
MIDI output devices and ports...  
select more output devices for playing parallel to all of them and assign port numbers or port names to them  

MIDI Input ...
Select an input device for recording MIDI.  
Start song automatically  
play song file automatically when opening file or dropping file above application window.  
MIDI loop between bars  
When setting a new loop begin or loop end position for a playing MIDI song this option causes that instead of the current play time the nearest bar position will be used.  
This allows looping between full bars.  
MIDI file compression
Use standard MIDI file compression at save operation (suggested).  
Combine note on/off pairs during CSV conversion  
generates at conversion separate NoteOn and NoteOff lines or a Note line for each pair  
Verbose track info  
display short or verbose track info  
Show Syllables  
displays syllable breaks in karaoke text e.g. in-for-ma-ti-on  

Show bouncing ball  
in karaoke display a ball bounces from syllable to syllable (Warning: this option uses much computer power, do not use it during live performance)  
Show melody note positions  
positions MIDI melody channel notes on scorelines below lyrics in karaoke display. Choose melody channel(s) using edit description dialog. (Warning: this option uses much computer power, do not use it during live performance)  

Chord line above lyric line  
text lines with multiple spaces between words are treated as chord lines and are displayed above next lyric line at same time  

Follow Lyrics  
the option must be checked that the lyrics are highlighted during song playing (in karaoke display)  
MP3 song text formats  
Toolbar size  
choose big or small toolbar buttons (default is using big toolbar buttons for big screen resolution)  
Metronome settings ...  
choose settings for a metronome type displayed in a metronome toolbar