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Song Description
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This operation displays or adds additional info to the current MIDI or MP3 file.
The description to the file will be stored outside of the MIDI/MP3 file.
Some of this information will be displayed in the MIDI document window. Some of the fields can be searched. Some field values are used by the entertainment player.

Path and name of the song file  

composer or singer of the song  

song title  

Rate the song by one of the attributes in the list. Rating values are considered by Entertainment player.  

Melody Channel
If you know which channel plays the melody notes then you can set this info here. 1-16 or unknown if you don't know or don't need it. The information is required by operation Mute Melody.  

Melody channel is not used for MP3 files.  

Song Transpose
enter a transpose value (-12 .. +12) e.g. if you use a score sheet with the song notes in other key. Operation Mute Melody transposes the song by given value. -- no transpose -- if transposing is not necessary or not wanted.  

MP3 songs are not transposed before playing.  
Music Style
select a music style category from the list of categories for a song. The list of styles is read from file gnstyles.ini in your gnmidi directory, it will be created once you start GNMIDI. You can add categories self to this text file or choose unknown for all that have a category that is not existing in the list.  

enter own commentary text to the song  

Hint: GNMIDI writes this information into files gnmidi.dsc in the directory of the music file by default. With following setting in gnmidi.ini settings file in documents folder you can let write them into an other folder (you can choose the name and location of the folder self):