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Prepare MIDI file for PianoDisc
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[in menu Modify/Sound operations]

PianoDisc modules let a piano play the keys self ("ghost player"). MIDI files control the playing of a piano song.

This operation converts the current MIDI song to format 0 and assigns a special piano sound to the selected channels that forces the PianoDisc to play the piano keys.

Hint: The song should only play at channel 1 (use map channels or mute channels).

select one or more channels (default all) where the piano sound will be assigned  

ASCII only
it seems that some older PianoDisc versions don't load MIDI files that contain international characters. This option replaces non-ASCII characters.  

Sound address
this operation assigns sound address Program 0 (piano) MSB=5 LSB=87 in selected channels by default.  
This address can be adjusted in file gnmidi.ini using following setting line:  
Pianodisc=0 5 87  
You can find the address numbers in your device manual.