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Play a MIDI file
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[in menu Player]

Play command will start the internal MIDI player for the MIDI file in window that currently has the focus (this window has a highlighted caption). It will automatically stop playing the file when closing the file or starting a new play command.

Space key starts playing the song.

With menu settings you can turn on options that the MIDI song will be prepared for your device before playing.
With menu settings you can also select the output device that should play this song.

Player status window displays information about playing and contains buttons to navigate.

Hint: since version 2.48 GNMIDI uses an own internal MIDI player (the one that is also used by GNMixer) instead of the formerly used Microsoft MCI player to play MIDI files. If you want to use again the MCI player (for whatever reason) you can set this back with following gnmidi.ini setting:  
Hint: since version 2.48 GNMIDI can also play MP3 songs (through Microsoft MCI) and display synchronized song text.