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Player status information
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The player status dialog can be displayed while playing a MIDI song with internal player. It contains information about the playing position and has button controls to navigate the player.

path of the currently played MIDI file  

Play time
current play (or pause) time position (in minutes:seconds.milliseconds). While the player is paused it is allowed to enter a new play time position into the edit field. After short pause the song plays from the position if the entered value is a valid play time.  
Possible inputs are: 120 (second), 1:30 (minute:second), 3:22.350 (minute:second:millisecond)  

MIDI unit
current MIDI position (in MIDI units). While the MIDI player is paused it is allowed to enter a new play unit position (a number) into the edit field. After short time the song plays from the unit position if it was a valid unit number within song.  

current MIDI tempo (in bpm)  

current measure length (in nominator/denominator)  


current MIDI song position (measure number, beat number) e.g. counts 23:1, 23:2, 23:3, 23:4 in a 4/4 measure. While the player is paused it is allowed to enter a new MIDI song position into the edit field. After short time the song plays from the song position if it is a valid position within the song.  
Possible inputs are: 47 (measure number counting beginning from 1), 23:3 (measure number and beat number counting from 1).  
Hint: In a 4/4 measure the beats within the measure are 1,2,3,4. Beat 5 belongs to next measure and therefore 23:5 is same as 24:1
Hint: 1:100 is the 100th beat within the song (independent of the measures).

the drop down box contains marker text found in the MIDI file which are sorted by time. During playing the marker directly before current playing position will be displayed. After selecting a marker from the box the player jumps to the marker position in the song. Markers usually define beginnings of sections (e.g. intro, refrain, verse) or notices to positions in the song (e.g. contra point, scalar transposition ...).  

toolstop Stop
stops playing the song  
toolplaybutton Play
starts or continues to play current song  
toolpausebutton Pause
pauses current song  
toolbackward Backward
jumps to position 30 seconds before current position  
toolplayerpossliderPosition slider
the slider shows current song playing position relative to song duration. The duration between the position markers is 30 seconds. You can drag the thumb by clicking left mouse button on the thumb and move the mouse. The player will jump to the position where the mouse button is released.  
toolforward Forward
jumps to position 30 seconds after current position  

Using the begin loop [--> and end loop <--] buttons a time range can be defined where the player loops.  
First button click sets a position. Second button click removes the position (no loop).  
The loop position times are shown near the buttons and a valid loop range is highlighted in the position slider.  
Hint: when beginning position is bigger than ending position then both positions are swapped.