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Quantise notes
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[in menu Modify/Note operations]

This operation aligns command positions and note duration at given raster. Quantising is usually used to correct minimal imprecise note starts (which are caused during live playing).  
This operation can be used with all channels or single channel or some channels at once. Select the channel numbers in the list box.  
The command positions will be set to closest matching raster position. Raster precision will be specified in score sheet pause units (e.g. 1/64). This is optional and set by default.  
Note durations will be aligned to an own raster that is given in score sheet note units (e.g. 1/16). Chosen raster size is minimal note duration too. This is optional and off by default.  

Pitchbend commands are not aligned. Use only small raster size when a channel uses Pitchbend commands.