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Modify controller values by expressions
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[in menu Modify/Controller operations]

The operation modifies controller values by expression rules.

Choose a controller number that should be modified  
Expression rules
displays current expression rules that are applied in this order.  
Clear all
remove all expressions .  


load previously saved expressions from a .ctr text file.  


save current expressions in a .ctr text file.  

Add new expression

fill original value range and result value range and then press Add to add the expression to the expression rules list.  
At least one controller expression must be added that the operation can be done. The button is disabled till valid numbers are entered into the range value fields.  

Original value range
enter values between 0 and 127 that the controller should have in original MIDI song that the values are modified by this expression. Values outside the given range are not modified by this expression. Value in first field must be smaller or equal to second field value.  

Result value range
enter values between 0 and 127. Leave second value field empty if you want to set all original range values to same value. Here the values in first field can be higher than value in second field (for increasing the lower values and decreasing the higher values).  

Possible expressions
·set result value to a constant value  
fill only the left field of the result value field/range, left the right field empty (e.g. set all values between 0 and 63 to value 0)  
·add value to the original values  
enter values in result fields that differ to the original range values by the given value (e.g. add value 10 to all values between 0 and 63: 10 - 73)  
·interpolation of value range  
enter values in both result fields, the result range width can be different to original range width (e.g. interpolate values 0-63 linear to 0-127).  

Hint: The result values can also be entered reverse then the value ranges are interpolated reverse (e.g. set values 0-127 to 127-0)

Hint: the channels list and load and save buttons are available since version 2.58, before all channels were modified.

Hint: This operation can be started as batch operation. Using GNMIDI Light license batch operations are not available.