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Replace Notes
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[in menu Modify/Note operations]

This operation replaces notes numbers that match the given channel number by new channel and new note number. The translations are entered in a note replacement table which can be stored and reloaded for future sessions. The table remembers its last content. Each row in the table defines a note replacement. Replacing is done in order of table entries.

Hint: drum channel contains drum notes where each note number is an other drum instrument. This operation can be used to convert drum tables between two devices (e.g. keyboard drums to GM drums)

Hint: set old channel to "any" if you want to replace or delete notes on all channels.

Hint: set new channel to "same" if you don't want to change the channel number against a new channel number.

displays the last loaded file name. A * sign is appended when the data has been modified since loading. If exiting the dialog with OK button and data has been modified without saving then the data is automatically stored in lastrepl.rpl file.

start a new replacement table.  

edit the current selected replacement in an own dialog. Double click with left mouse button on the line does same.  

add a new note replacement at end of table.  
enter a new note replacement before current selected row.  

deletes current selected row  

Previously saved replacement tables (*.rpl files) can be reloaded. You can also edit *.rpl files with notepad, they are simple text files.  

Save your replacement table in a .rpl file that the replacement can be used later again for other MIDI files.  



Deleting notes
This operation is also usable for deleting certain note numbers from given or any channel by setting new note to value "delete".  
Moving notes
This operation is also usable for moving certain note numbers from one channel to a new channel. To renumber a whole channel you should use operation Map channel numbers.  
This operation is also available for batch application. Using GNMIDI Light license batch operations are not available.