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Reset GM, GM2, GS, XG, INIT
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toolgm toolgm2 toolgs toolxg toolinit
[in menu Player/Reset MIDI device]

These commands play
·a common used standard sysex command (default)  
·a user defined MIDI file (one for each button).  

It is useful to reset the sound card or force it into a certain mode before playing MIDI files, otherwise certain MIDI devices can react unexpectedly by playing wrong sounds (e.g. drums play piano sound).
The standard sysex commands will work only if your sound device supports GM, GM2, GS or XG compatible modes.
Read about supported MIDI commands in MIDI implementation chart of your keyboard manual.

by default INIT button sends MIDI commands that reset common used controllers, pitch bend, sound programs.

You can redefine the buttons for playing your own initialization MIDI files by modifying GNMIDI.INI file:

Replace the right sides of = by path of an existing MIDI file, e.g.

The content of your user defined initialization MIDI files is not limited by any rules, you can even play notes in such a file.