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Generate control events in rhythmic or random way
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[in menu Modify/Controller operations]

This operation adds controllers that behave random or according to a linear rhythmic way. The parameters specify which controller should be added and how the controller values must behave during time
·increase volume from one position to another  
·change balance steadily from left to right and back  
·modify expression controller  

Choose a controller number from the list. Controller commands of this kind will be generated. Usually volume or balance controllers are preferred here.  
choose one channel from the list, the controller commands will be added to this channel.  
track number can be selected optionally (by default all tracks are considered). It could be useful if the chosen channel number is used by more than one track.  
enter two millisecond values to generate controllers only within a certain time range (default is full MIDI song time range). Second value must be greater than first one (e.g. 30000-60000 is range between second 30 and 60).  
Step time (ms):
specifies the delay between two generated controllers (two steps) in milliseconds. When the value is small then huge count of controllers might be generated.  
Value range:
Controller values must be in range 0-127. Optionally you can force the generated controller values to be in an other value range (e.g. 64 - 80).  
Init value:
Specify the initial controller value that should be generated at start.  
Specify an incremental value if the controller values should be increased or decreased by a value.  
Check that option if the values should be generated by random instead of linear incrementation.  

Random generated values maximum difference to previous generated value. This value restricts the random distance to the next generated value.  
·increasing   next value is calculated by adding the increment value  
·decreasing   next value is calculated by subtracting the increment value  
·random   next value is calculated by adding or subtracting the increment value  

·no loop      stop generating values when the next generated value would exceed the value range  
·loop cycle       when value exceeds value range then restart with initial value again  
·loop up and down    when value exceeds value range in one direction then continue in reverse direction