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Stretch notes duration
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[in menu Modify/Note operations]

This operation increases or decreases note durations by specified percentage or value.

stretch note length by percentage (%)
enter a percentage value, all note durations in given range and channels will be stretched by this percentage.  
stretch note length by incrementation (+)
enter a value, this value will be added to all note length (MIDI units), negative values will decrease note length.  
enter a value into the edit field or use the arrows to increase or decrease the value  
choose all channels (1-16, default) or select a single channel (1-16)  
Range (min. unit - max. unit)
by default the operation will be applied to notes of any length, in the two range value fields you can define that the note length must be in given range (MIDI units) that the operation should applied (e.g. min=0 max=5 would modify only very small notes). If the max value is missing then no max value is defined (min .. any higher value)