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The operation collects all text commands within current MIDI song and displays them with text position ( and type name.

Type names:
·Cue point  

The information is written to a text file and displayed with Notepad editor.

0:00:00.000   Trackname "Eternity"  
0:00:00.000   Trackname "Soft karaoke"  
0:00:00.000   Text "@KMIDI KARAOKE FILE"  
0:00:00.000   Trackname "Words"  
0:00:00.000   Text "@LENGL"  
0:00:00.000   Text "@Teternity"  
0:00:00.000   Text "@Trobbie williams"  
0:00:16.153   Text "\CLOSE"  
0:00:16.538   Text " YOUR"  
0:00:16.730   Text " EYES"