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GNMIDI Software offers a huge list of operations that help preparing MIDI files for musicians. It is easier to use than a sequencer and is an ideal supplement to MIDI sequencer software. Many important operations that are difficult to do with a MIDI sequencer can be done within GNMIDI with few button clicks.

GNMIDI features are useful in following areas:
·Karaoke Playing and Editing  
·Lyrics synchronization  
·Lyrics conversion for many keyboard displays  
·Sysex Dump  
·MIDI Archive  
·MIDI file modification  
·Mobile phone melodies  
·MIDI Recording  
·MIDI Playing  
·quick MIDI file information display  
·Chord analysation  
·Format conversions  
·Check and Repair  
·Copy parts from a MIDI file  
·View into MIDI file internals  

GNMIDI contains also a few features for mp3 song files, but is mainly for MIDI users:
·enter mp3 song text  
·synchronize mp3 song text line by line (Karaoke)  
·play mp3 song with karaoke text  
·find mp3 song files in archive by words  
·remember additional information to mp3 song files in archive (rating, comment, ...)  
·entertainment player plays mp3 song files in random order considering files that contains certain words, rating, playing frequency