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MIDI file parser C++ Sources

What is MIDIIO? MIDIIO are C++ modules for reading, writing, converting, modifying standard MIDI file format. The inheritable classes are easy for implementing own ideas that have to do with MIDI files. The classes neither contain operations for playing or recording MIDI files, nor operations for access to MIDI devices.
Commercial This software is not available for public, since it is used in several commercial software products and projects. The source code can be licensed for use in commercial projects or products. The demo files show class headers and examples. The demo is not compilable, since the main C++ files for parsing are not included. MIDIIO C++ sources cannot be used in open source projects.
Download MIDIIO demo
(32 kb)
If you are interested in licensing MIDIIO source code for use in one of your commercial projects download here: Canada Austria
MIDIIO examples Most of the MIDI software that you find here are using MIDIIO C++ modules. For this the main parsing routines are inherited instead of modified. Try Windows Shareware demos GNMIDI, GNMIDFMT, GNMixer, GNIStyle, or DOS MIDI Freeware. They all used MIDIIO parser.
License price For details about source code licensing send Email. MIDIIO package and source code to single MIDI DOS tools can be licensed separately.
System requirements MIDIIO is usable on systems DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux. Little code adaptions might be necessary to satisfy different C++ compilers. © Günter Nagler Contact visitor counter