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MIDI Links

GN Midi Music Samples from my cd with instrumental compositions Interactive Love, MIDI files
Interview Interview with Günter Nagler from Shareware Music Machine
SMM Shareware Music Machine - The World's Biggest Music Software Site.
Emusic MIDI FAQ MIDI documentation and useful info Ftp archive with documents about MIDI MIDI related tutorials
MIDI 1.0 MIDI 1.0 specification document FAQ MIDI newsgroup FAQ from C.C.
I.M.A. International MIDI Association info
Yamaha Resources The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site
Joe McMahon MIDI Specification Documents by Joe McMahon
Bob van Belle RANDOM MUSIC FOR Y2K (midi compositions by randomizers)
Denis Ladouceur The Song Librarian & The Style Librarian
General Acoustic cd printing and reproduction (Germany)
Winzip zip compression tools, any zip decompression tools are necessary to extract the content of .zip files on this site.
Giebler floppy disk format converters for keyboards
Kit2000 style and arrangement converter for Windows by Milan Markovic
Multimedia Pianoplayer Multimedia Pianoplayer by Guido Mylemans
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