Services offered by GN MIDI Solutions

Batch utilitiesDevelopment of batch utilities special for your demand (e.g. MIDI file modification automatically applicable for many MIDI songs).
Development of a new utilityYou might need a Windows utility that does not exist yet.
Support MIDI projectsMaybe you need help in a MIDI project (e.g. you need easier access to song notes or lyrics including their times, you have a good project idea but not enough knowledge in using MIDI to implement it fully.
Batch convertersManual changes could be time consuming. Sometimes it is better to develop a converter special for a certain task and use batch technology to let the work do automatically. We develop batch scripts not only for our MIDI utilities e.g. text analysis, text conversion, database scheme conversion and more.
License MIDI utilities for use in a commercial projectUse e.g. midi2csv and csv2midi in your commercial product for easy accessing or modifying MIDI files.
The utilities could be delivered as win32 executables, Windows DLL.
System independent tools and convertersPerl e.g. convert MIDI file format 1 to 0, modify MIDI file for your needs, convert or analyse text files or MIDI files.
Please contact the developer by email or use the contact form below.
Formulate your idea about a wanted tool that the operability can be checked and an offer with price can be estimated.
General terms and conditions (AGB) will be sent to client before a service is ordered.
MIDI projects are usually developed using Visual Studio C++.
Text file conversions could also be solved using perl scripts (Windows .exe can be delivered that installing of perl is not necessary).
Project ideas could be:
  • generate a summary of MIDI or MP3 files with information from the music file and optional information from external data files.
  • split midi files into parts by given splitting rules.
  • analysing midi/MP3 files for certain potential errors or missing information
  • batch modification of all your MIDI files according to user defined wishes in one step
  • any other idea from you that helps to make your work easier © Günter Nagler Contact