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Chord editor
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Using GNMIDI Light license chords editor is not available.
The chord editor collects the chords of different formats from the current midi file and displays
them in a table. One line for each measure and one beat for each quarternote in the measure. It also displays the lyric words or syllables that begin in a measure.

The chord names in each beat column can be edited. For editing lyrics use the operation edit words.

To edit a chord name double click into a table cell. A dialog appears that shows the position and the chord name.
The position can be modified if necessary (normally this is not required). Use the format measure:beat.midiunits (e.g. 11:3.0) where 1:1.0 is the start of the song (first measure, first beat).
The chord name can be entered in the edit text field or if syntax is unclear you could enter a part of the chord name and drop down the list box to get all possible chord names that match your input.
Select an entry from the list to use this chord.
Use ok to confirm the new chord or use cancel to abort the dialog.

If a measure has 2/4 and other measures have 4/4 then 4 beat columns will be displayed. For the measure 2/4 only the first 2 beat colums can be used to enter chord.

Deleting a chord or ? symbol (for undetected chords) can be done by double click the cell and removing the chord name in the text edit box.

After modifying one or more chord cells use ok button to store the new chords in the format as the original chords had. If the midi song did not contain chords then the chord format lyrics with brackets is used e.g. [Cm]

Storing chords in BIAB chord format is not supported. Please use the Band-in-a-box application from PG Music Inc. for modifying BIAB chords.

Play button toggles between start play the MIDI song beginning from first visible measure and stopping the playing. While playing the table scrolls the played measures into view and highlights current playing beat.