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Use a Play list
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A play list is a text file (*.lst) that contains references to existing songs that should be played in a defined order.
Using GNMIDI Light license play lists are not available.

GNMIDI supports two play list formats in files with file extension *.lst:
simple format: each line contains a path to an MIDI or MP3 song, if the path is relative then it must be relative to the location of the *.lst file that contains this path. This format can be edited with a simple notepad text editor.
property format: this format is read and generated by application playlist.exe, each lines contains an entry with attributes file="..." filesize="..." title="..."
the title attribute allows to give the entry an alternative title (by default the file name is used). This format will be used if using playlist.exe and changing title attribute for an entry.

Create new play list
use application playlist.exe to create a new *.lst file, add some songs or all songs from a folder and optionally sort them manually. Save the play list to a folder where you keep your play lists organised.

Open a play list
choose a play list file with extension *.lst . The application reads the song list and displays errors if the play list contains problems (mostly if referenced songs are not existing).
A new document opens that shows the song entries with numbers in a table. The current selected song has blue text color. If any of the songs in the list is currently playing then its name will be displayed with green text.

Use the following menu operations to change the selected entry (blue colored):
Select previous song in play list (short key ctrl+arrow left)
Select next song in play list (short key ctrl+arrow right)
Click with right mouse button into a song row to choose this for playing next.

Use the following menu operation to play the next selected song (if current selected song was already playing then this song playing will be stopped and next song behind will be selected and played)
Play next song in play list (short key shift+space)