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End user license agreement
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GNMIDI (c) 1997 was created by Günter Nagler.

GNMIDI 3.0 and later is not free, it is commercial. You may try it free for 14 days to test it and then you must purchase a license if you want to use it further or delete the program.
Prices may change. Download newest demo version for current price.

Purchasing a GNMIDI license is only obtaining the permission to use GNMIDI software. It is not allowed to resell or share a license, only the registered owner listed in the license file has permission to use GNMIDI.

The end user license agreement that is viewed at start of the program and can be downloaded from GNMIDI product page.

Demo version of the software asks you at program start if you are willing to accept our software usage conditions and copyright rules. You can quit immediately and delete the software from your computer if you don't agree. If you enter the software you agree to the conditions.