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This program runs under Microsoft Windows® versions Windows 7, 8, 10. It does not run under Windows 3.x and older. It is currently not tested with other Windows versions like WinME, Win95, Win98, Win-NT, Win2000, Win XP, Vista, therefore we cannot guarantee that it works with them. If you need to use this software with those unsupported systems please try demo self and register with knowledge that we maybe cannot fix system depending software problems. You may try to use GNMIDI with these systems self without guarantee.

if you download MSI file for installation the program will be installed into program files (x86) and create a shortcut on desktop and app menu.
Deinstallation is done using Windows deinstall program (search for deinstall in Windows run) and click the line with the wanted program name.
The gnmidi.ini file in your documents folder must be deleted manually.

If you download ZIP file for installation you need to extract the content of the ZIP archive into a new empty GNMIDI folder (e.g. C:\GNMIDI).
Create a shortcut on the desktop to the program gnmidi.exe (green symbol) with Explorer. Alternatively start the program with Windows Explorer in the GNMIDI folder.
Deinstallation is done by deleting the GNMIDI files in your GNMIDI folder and the gnmidi.ini file in your documents folder.

Install your personal license as explained in the mail where it was sent. Ask the developer if there are difficulties.
After correct installation of license the program should display your name at bottom side of the program (registered by ...).

The personal license file *.gnlic might be in application folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\GN MIDI Solutions\GNMIDI or in GNMIDI program folder.

At first program start GNMIDI creates a new readable file gnmidi.ini in your personal My Documents folder, which remembers your recent program settings.