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Teleprompt editor
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Teleprompt text
Displaying text on a screen helps during reciting text (song text, poem, speech) that no text hangers occur.  
For longer text that are displayed over several pages the text on screen must be scrolled.  
GNMIDI teleprompt function allows to automatically scroll text by few synchronized positions at appropriate speed.  
At unplanned pauses the pause button can be pressed and the presentation continued later at this position.  
When situation change very strong (e.g. time for presentation is very different from plans or some passage must be skipped) you can also scroll the text manually from time to time.  
A .ptp teleprompt file can be opened with menu File/open and played in karaoke view with Play button.  
Other than playing synchronized music pieces (MIDI, MP3) the teleprompt displays no ball and the current line is never colored (assuming that the times are not precise).  

Play teleprompter
open a .tpt file with menu File/Open (choose .tpt or *.* in file extension combo box) and use the Play button.  
Use pause button to pause the teleprompter and press it again to continue.  
Use stop button to end the teleprompter.  
The teleprompter playing ends automatically when the <END> line is reached.  
During playing the text automatically scrolls according to the calculated speed defined by given time stamps.  
The automatic scrolling stops when using manual scrolling by keys, scroll bar or wheel mouse.  
New teleprompt
a new .ptp file will be created. The text lines and total duration are required.  

Export song text into .lrc
creates a .lrc text file with synchronized telelprompter text lines  

Teleprompt editor
a .ptp teleprompt file will be loaded and displayed in the dialog for editing.  
You can modify the total duration, the background music and the text lines.  

Total duration
the most important time position is the end of the presentation. All other text line times can be calculated assuming a constant speed of presentation.  
The duration can be specified in format m:ss (minutes and seconds) or h:mm:ss (hours, minutes, seconds) or  
mm:ss.milliseconds (minutes, seconds, milliseconds) . By default the duration 60 seconds will be assumed that can be changed.  

Text lines
The text lines should be entered into the edit box.  
The lines should not be too large so that the line is visible on screen without horizontal scrolling when using an appropriate font size.  
A time stamp can be put at beginning of any line. When editing an already synchronized teleprompt text some synchronized lines will automatically contain the time stamps.  
[m:ss.milliseconds] text...  
[m:ss] text...  
[h:mm:ss] text...  

Optional a background music (MIDI or MP3) can be played.  
By default the teleprompt text is silent.  

Background music
use button ... to choose a music piece (.mid or .mp3) from your hard disk.  
The Path of this music file will be displayed in the edit field.