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Remove fade in or fade out
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This operation searches for
volume or expression or note velocities that are increasing (fade-in) or decreasing (fade-out) steadily.

·at least 5 values in a row must be available  
·there must be less than 10 seconds between two values  
·there must be at least 2 seconds distance between first and last value  
·first value and last value must have a difference of at least 20  
·for note velocities the values must change several times  
·it is not necessary to fade all channels same time  
·the areas do not need to be at beginning or end of song  

If no area in song matches the criterias then no changes are made and a message is displayed in status bar.

Else the found areas will be changed:
For volume and expression all these controllers except first are removed. The value of the first controller will be set for fade in to the last value and for fade out to the first value.
For note velocities all values will be set to the same value (for fade in to the last value and for fade out to the first value).

The found and modified areas will be listed in the logfile.