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[in menu Modify]

This command is used to modify text commands and their position.

Select a MIDI word type in first dialog and continue with OK
·Text   can be karaoke song text (.kar) or other text  
·Lyric   contains song text  
·Marker   can be word markers for song positions or additional text  
·Tracktitle   title of track, title of first track is usually used for song title  
·Instrument    name of used instruments or sounds  
·Cuepoint    name or description of a song position, e.g. refrain  

Hint: MIDI information window contains at end of the information (you probably need to scroll the window down) contains all text of different types.

List box content
each list item shows
·Track number         track that contains this text command  
·Position         MIDI position (unit number) or beat position (beat.tick) or bar position (measurenr.beatnr.tick)  
·Word            text stored by this text command  

   Track 03 Unit 037680 /And

Measure number starts with 1
Beat number starts with 1
 Hint: beginning of song is 0 or 1.000 or 1.1.000
 Hint: use the scroll bar to find more lines with text commands

modify the text (syllable or word or sentence) or the MIDI unit position. Use <line> and <paragraph> keywords to specify a line break or paragraph break. In .kar files the lines and paragraphs must be formatted according to .kar rules.  

create a new text item before current selected text item, or modify the suggested MIDI unit position to insert the item at certain MIDI position.   

create a new text item behind last text item, or at given MIDI unit position.   

remove current selected text item  

undo previous change  

This operation does not support editing of Yamaha XF, Roland sysex video lyrics, Farfisa sysex lyrics.  

For entering and synchronizing song text you should use Karaoke editor and Synchronization editor.  

A text item may contain a syllable, a word or a text line.  
Track number (1-255) must reference an existing track in MIDI file, otherwise the text will not be inserted.  

<line> set word to line break

<paragraph> set word to paragraph break

Insert picture
choose a picture from your harddisk (*.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.bmp). This inserts a HTML tag <img src="imagepath"> into your text field. The existing image will be displayed in the karaoke view and printing.  
Reserve a new text field if you want to assign a different synchronisation time to this picture. Use <line> that the picture is on its own line.  

Hint: this can be used to insert pictures with score sheets and synchronisation helps to scroll automatically according to the song timing.

Hint: When modifying text of a .kar file the <line> button inserts a / before the word and the <paragraph> button inserts a \ before the word.

Hint: a .kar file uses text type TEXT and contains a word beginning with @K