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Split notes into lower and upper half at split point (left and right hand)
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[in menu Modify/Note operations]

This command splits a channel at a given splitting point note into lower track (left hand) and upper track (right hand). You can optionally assign new MIDI channels to both parts so that both parts can play with different sounds.

optionally select a track number only if the channel number is used in two different tracks and you want to split only one of them.  
select a channel number that contains notes for left and right hand  
a note number where to split the selected channel into two parts. Middle piano C is called C5 in this list. The key note and higher notes belong to the upper part (right hand), the notes that are lower than key note belong to the lower part (left hand).  
Upper channel
channel number of upper part (right hand)  
Balance (u.C.)
Balance -64...0...63 of the upper part (right Hand), 0 is center, -64 is full left, 63 is full right  
Lower channel
channel number of lower part (left hand)  

Balance (l.C.)
Balance -64...0...63 of the lower part (left Hand), 0 is center, -64 is full left, 63 is full right  

Hint: Middle C (piano-C) is named here as C5. Elder GNMIDI versions (till 2.49) called this note C4. If you prefer to use old octave numbering then you could add following setting into GNMIDI.INI:
Hint: Balance (also called Pan/panning) defines relation between left and right stereo output.