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Seek long notes in song
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The operation searches notes within song that play a note for at least 5 seconds or are incomplete (NOTE ON or NOTE OFF command missing). The result is written to a text file and displayed by notepad editor. This operation useful when think that there are playing notes too long and want to find out the reason.

channel  6 note  c5 vel  91 started at unit 157200 plays for duration 11.054 seconds
channel  6 note  d5 vel  91 started at unit 159120 plays for duration  5.048 seconds
channel  6 note  f5 vel  89 started at unit 159120 plays for duration  5.580 seconds
channel  6 note a#5 vel 101 started at unit 159120 plays for duration 41.038 seconds
channel  6 note d#5 vel 102 started at unit 162480 plays for duration  9.554 seconds

Note start position is displayed in MIDI units. With MIDI calculator you can convert MIDI units to time or beats or measures.

The 5 seconds period can be changed with following setting in gnmidi.ini file in your personal My Documents folder: