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chord lines simply edited with synchronisation editor
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GNMIDI 3.12 and later contains a highlight feature for editing synchronized chord and lyric lines.

Normally the synchronisation editor is used to enter lyric lines and synchronize them to the music times.
Now you can enter a chord line above a lyric line or other instructions above a lyric line.
The enter lyric dialog uses a fixed character width font so that you can position the chords directly above a word by inserting space characters.

G               D
Der Melodie der Heimat 
C                G
hör ich so gerne zu 
C                        G
dann fühl ich mich nicht einsam 
C                           D
mein Herz kommt schnell zur Ruh 

The synchronisation editor and the GNMIDI karaoke display features assume a line that contains a series of spaces to be a line that should be displayed above the following lyric line.
The synchronisation editor will assign the synchronisation time of the lyric line also to the chord line.
Other software or hardware would display these words positioned by space characters at totally wrong positions when using a nice display font. The karaoke display algorithm of GNMIDI uses the fixed space layouting of the chord line above the lyric line to display the chords above the right words (by inserting empty pixels).

Hint: if a chord line contains only single space between the chords or no space (single chord in line) then append two or more spaces at end of this line so that it is assumed to be joined with next line.

Hint: This method is not used when song text is synchronised syllable by syllable or chords are synchronised with their own synchronisation times.

Hint: this feature could be turned off in menu settings