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GNMIDI 3.0 and later is not Freeware it is commercial software (that you can try as demo before buying).

A purchased license is valid for GNMIDI 3 version which was released during your order and GNMIDI 3 update versions released within 2 years.

Installed license will turn the demo into full version. The demo limitations will be away. The end user license agreement must be agreed at first program start.
The name of the user who has permission to use the full software will be displayed at bottom side of the program (registered by ...).

There are two kind of licenses for GNMIDI available:
Professional and Light

The Light license is for users who only need a smaller part of the operations and therefore pay a smaller license fee. Upgrading from light to Professional is possible.

Differences between Professional and Light license:
Professional (GNMIDI3)
Light (GNMidiLight3)
Batch operations
Chords Editor
Karaoke Editor
Software versions
GNMIDI 3.1 - 3.99
GNMIDI 3.13 - 3.99
2 years free updates included
2 years free updates included

GNMIDI Light license (GNMidiLight3) can only be activated with program versions GNMIDI 3.13 or higher. GNMIDI 3.1 - 3.12 can only be activated using GNMIDI Professional license (GNMIDI3).
Please notify that program versions newer than 2 years after your order date can not be used free with your license (requires upgrade).

Software production takes much time, so please register after testing (14 days) if you like it. The concept makes it safe for you, you don't purchase something that you haven't tried.

License will be delivered by email (no cdrom included).

Important: GNMIDI 2 license files are not accepted by GNMIDI 3. Please check if there is an upgrade possibility.

Online order of a software license:

Upgrading from Light to Professional License or advancing updates by additional 2 years:
Please contact
by email or use our contact form at