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Make a MIDI medley
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[in menu Convert]

The MIDI medley operation displays a dialog where you can enter a list of MIDI files. After the list is ready and sorted in your preferred order press the
Medley Button. Then the operation checks MIDI format of all input files and converts all MIDI files temporarily to format 0. If there are invalid files or files that are not format 0 or format 1in the list then the operation stops and the first invalid file is opened. You could try to repair the file. All MIDI files are concatenated to a file containing the songs in a sequence (medley).

No pauses are removed or inserted. If you want a pause between the songs then insert a small MIDI song that contains only the pause.
The MIDI medley will be opened as a new document.

The list box remembers recent used filenames, use New Medley button to clear this list when starting a new medley.

Use Insert MIDI to add one or more files to the song list, the new files will be inserted before selected entry in the list.

Use Remove MIDI to delete the selected filename from the song list.

Use Move Up and Move Down to sort the list entries.

Align measures between songs
this Option can be selected to insert pause MIDI units that the first bar of next song is correctly aligned. Otherwise there might be a smaller bar then expected (e.g. 3/4 instead of 4/4).  

Add initializations between songs
When the option is checked (default) then controllers and other important MIDI parameters are added to initialize settings of next song to avoid bad sound if the author of an input file has not initialized a parameter and in medley value of recent song is used for the next song. This option can be turned off if you are sure that all necessary MIDI parameters are initialized for each song and don't conflict. Especially when the result is not used as medley but as one song combined from several parts, then the extra initializations are not necessary (could cause a small delay).