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Fade a MIDI song
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[in menu Modify/Volume operations as fade in or out]

Fade operation increases or decreases volume level at beginning or ending of a MIDI song steadily so that the loudness fades linear.

The fade dialog occurs and you can choose if you want to
fade in (at beginning of song) or fade out (at end of song). A duration of 10 seconds will be offered and can be changed. By default the volume changes by inserting increasing/decreasing volume controller (#7), you can choose between 3 different methods that affect song volume. Usually all channels are faded, choose a channel to operate only on this channel.

Fade in:
fades from beginning of song for the specified duration (from 0% to 100%, increasing note velocities ).  

Fade out:
fades till end of song for the specified duration (from 100% down to 0%, decreasing note velocities).  

Duration field you must enter a valid time in one of following formats:
·minutes:seconds.milliseconds (e.g. 1:25.300)  
·minutes:seconds (e.g. 0:10)  
·seconds.milliseconds (e.g. 5.500)  
·seconds (e.g. 10)  


you can choose one of following kinds of changing volume , we suggest modifying volume controller  
·Volume Controller: MIDI controllers #7 are inserted  
·Expression Controller: MIDI controllers #11 are inserted  
·Note Velocities: Note velocities of each note are adjusted  
Modifying note velocities can influence voice of instruments on some devices.  

By default all channels are faded, optionally you can choose a certain channel to fade.

In older versions a more difficult dialog was at this place, this old fade dialog can be reactivated by entering following lines into gnmidi.ini (only if you really need this old dialog):