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toolpoly Calculate maximum note polyphony
Calculates maximum number of notes playing at same time in a MIDI song  
toolrepair Check and Repair MIDI
Checks if the MIDI file is standard MIDI compatible (.mid) and tries to repair corrupt MIDI files.  
toolcheckall Check all MIDI files ...
Check validity of all MIDI files in a folder  

toolnoterange Check Note range for natural instruments
check for some sound instruments if notes are used in a realistic range  
Compare against a second MIDI file  
shows differences between two similar MIDI files  
Compare all MIDI files  
compare MIDI files in two folders to find identical or similar MIDI files  
toolfind Find text in MIDI and MP3 files ...
search text in MIDI files  

toolchords Guess Chords
chord analysation for whole song  
toolkey Guess song scale/key
calculate song key for a score sheet  

toolcalc MIDI Calculator ...
Calculate MIDI song positions  

toolparammap MIDI settings map
song parameters landscape  
toolstophang Remove hanging notes
stop notes that are not stopped and play forever  

toolbpm Tempo calculator ...
calculate bpm tempo of a song by clicking to the song rhythm  

Seek long pauses in song
finds positions in MIDI song where longer pauses start  

Seek long notes in song
finds notes in MIDI song with long durations  

Seek parts with notes  
seeks in all channels for parts that play notes  

toolshowkey Show used keys of song
display song key changes used in MIDI song.  

Show tempo changes  
displays positions and tempo of all tempo changes in the MIDI song.  

Text positions in song
displays text information contained in the MIDI song and their positions  

MIDI check bars  
checks if bars of a MIDI song are shorter than expected  

Create HTML listing ...  
creates a HTML text for current song or play list containing information about the content  
Create text listing ...  
creates a text for current song or play list containing information about the content  
Hyphenate song text into phonetic syllables ...  
splits English or German song text automatically into syllables as they are problably sung  
Show MIDI initialisation ...  
shows the initialising MIDI commands before first note starts  
Show MIDI event statistic ...  
Shows tables of used MIDI event counts within a song  
Start external tool  
Sub menu allows to start up to 5 different external applications with optional current GNMIDI document path